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Creating your e-commerce site can be a good option in addition to your physical point of sale activity. Online sales are experiencing significant growth and will offer you, in addition to additional outlets, increased visibility.

Many tools exist to create your merchant site. We have selected 14 for you.

The choice of CMS or Saabs platform to create your e-commerce site

First of all, to create a commercial site, you have to choose between two types of solutions:
 •    CMS (“Content Management System”): It is a free open source software that you can personalize at leisure, but for which you must manage the hosting and maintenance,

 •    The Saabs platform (“Software as a Service” or “software as a service”): You then have access in the form of a subscription without the need for maintenance, but with more limited possibilities for customization.

To find the right merchant site formula, you must also ask yourself the question of compatibility with your existing tools. Then be sure to check your CRM as your cash register software.
Discover a selection of the 5 main e-commerce tools available today.

Woo commerce, the WordPress solution

WordPress (WP) is the world’s most widely used website building CMS. He has developed his own tool for creating an ecommerce site. In the form of a plug-in (an extension), it allows you to add merchant functionalities.

Woo commerce is very practical when you already have a WordPress website and want to add online commerce. A simple plug-in to download! In addition, it is very easy to use, even if to go further it is sometimes necessary to know HTML and CSS. Like WP, it is free, but some specific modules are paid.

Prestashop, the rising French e-commerce tool

In terms of creating ecommerce sites, Prestashop has become a key player. N ° 1 on the French market, this solution is very functional, free and available in open source.

Prestashop displays a large number of innovative tools to manage absolutely any type of product. The possibilities offered are plethoric. But as often, if you want certain features, you will need to free up a budget to access them.

Magento, the ultra pro CMS

In terms of e-commerce software solutions, Magento has the reputation of being particularly powerful. However, it is more difficult to access than the others, it has a less pleasant interface.

Magento incorporates provisions to manage multiple stores, such as multiple currencies. It is extremely customizable with many templates (models) and native applications. It is especially aimed at sellers with a large number of references to build important e-commerce sites.

Wiz shop, the e-commerce tool based on your performance

By creating your merchant site with Wiz shop, you have a professional solution that is very easily accessible. It is a Saabs platform that does not require any specific skills.

Wiz shop is remunerated on the basis of the turnover you generate. Registration is free. Also the tool focuses on helping the development of your online store so that your sales progress.

Shoplift, the solution accessible to the greatest number

The Canadian Shoplift is a full-featured e-commerce Saabs platform. You will have to pay a monthly subscription as well as commissions on your turnover.

Shoplift has the particularity of offering many very qualitative site templates. Unlike many other proprietary solutions, its interface is very easy to use.

There are many other solutions (Wheeze, ClicBoutic, Bigcommerce, Of Commerce, Virtue art, Open cart, Oxalis, …) to create an e-commerce site, do not hesitate to inform yourself and test a few tools before committing more in the project.

Other essential tools for your e-commerce site

To create your e-commerce site, many additional tools will be very useful to you. Here is a selection of 9.

Google Analytics to study the traffic of your e-commerce site

Truly essential, Google Analytics is the solution for monitoring the flow performance of your site. You can customize its parameters to obtain a specific analysis. It provides you with a regular measurement of the number of visitors to your site, the conversion rate,

Mail chimp to generate newsletters

Mail chimp is a very complete solution for managing your emailing’s. You establish and manage your contact lists there, you design a newsletter and you carry out emailing campaigns. Very easy to use, it also provides you with statistics. The Tactile blog has detailed the procedure for you.

Buffer to automate publication on your social networks

Via its website, Buffer (like Hoot suite) allows you to schedule your posts on the social networks of your ecommerce site. So you can organize a precise calendar for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Interest, Instagram, and the free version offers enough features for a small e-commerce site.

Serums to boost your ecommerce SEO

To be visible on the web, it is essential to be well referenced. Serums offers different analyzes to know how to position yourself on the right keywords. A free version exists, but the paid version is much more complete to boost your SEO (search engine optimization) strategy.

IFTTT to optimize interactions between all your internet accounts

The IFTTT tool (for “if this then that” or “if this then that”) is able to make things much easier for you. Its principle is to link the different web services that you use for your ecommerce. You will then decide on specific actions according to specific cases. For example, planning the programming of your social networks, saving documents in the cloud, automatically thanking your new followers,

Canvas for creating compelling visuals

The Canvas web service allows you to easily design visuals for your ecommerce site and its social networks. Without graphic designer skills, you can produce images, illustrations, logos, etc. Many customizable models are available in a free version.

Target2sell to offer the right product to your customers

The Target2sell solution aims to offer the product that the visitor to your e-commerce site wants. It is a personalized recommendation engine that adapts your merchant site to each visitor. You also have the possibility to personalize all the pages of the site: from the home page to the shopping cart page. The solution pays off but must pay for itself in a few weeks.

Chameleon to test several versions of the ecommerce site

To boost your site’s conversion rate, Chameleon is a paid A / B testing solution. Its purpose is to compare the performance of several versions of an e-commerce site. It is also possible to have a more precise vision: the most used buttons, the most viewed categories and pages,

Beep to optimize the management of your ecommerce flow

To improve the visibility of your products, the Beep solution automatically distributes your best products everywhere on the web: market places, Google Shopping, price comparators, etc. It thus boosts the results of your marketing campaigns.

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