3 reasons why enterprises accelerate their virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI)


Due to technological advancement, sharing resources, communicating, and collaborating between different countries and time zones have become effortless. With the help of virtual desktop infrastructure, you can manage and handle virtual desktops and utilize virtual machines. 

Furthermore, you can host desktop environments on a central server, and it can be deployed to the users when requested. In order to access the data in the centralized server, the user will need a certain device. It means that the input and output data are received with the help of a keyboard, display, or mouse. 

You can either implement VDI within a company or a business on hardware with a data center or dedicated hardware. At present, cloud service is becoming more common among many businesses and companies that use virtual desktop infrastructure. 

Although installing virtual desktops on any of these platforms is beneficial, they can have drawbacks. Hence, it is a must for the IT team to think about the best platform thoroughly. Well, you will find two prime methods of delivering virtual desktop infrastructure: persistent and non-persistent. 

Persistent sessions are similar to that of a traditional physical desktop. Your company’s employees will be provided with their own desktop, and you can ensure that it will be saved and customized for future use. Non-persistent sessions are similar to Microsoft’s traditional Terminal Services. The traditional terminal services of Microsoft are now known as Remote Desktop Services, which can reset when the end-user logs out. 

In the non-persistent sessions, uniform desktops are provided to the users so they can easily access data and information when required. So, whatever you decide, make sure you find the ideal one for your business or company. Indeed, the virtual desktop infrastructure is appropriate for your business. 

Nowadays, many enterprises are accelerating their virtual desktop infrastructure. If you want to know the reasons, you can read further and learn about them.

  1. Virtual desktops can increase scalability and manageability: Managing a business with hundreds of users can be overwhelming and daunting. After all, you have to support your users, make sure the system is working well, and resolve issues swiftly. 

For instance, organizations like the healthcare sector, financial services, and public sector need to support hundreds or thousands of users and resolve their issues within minutes. Thanks to virtual desktops, users can easily access any data or information they require on a central server. 

Well, many companies centralize applications and data in the data center. Hence, it improves the security, performance, and manageability of each user in the company. In addition to this, the downtime is reduced, and the approach is cost-effective. 

The infrastructure of the company is monitored proactively, and visibility is gained. Moreover, deployments can be virtualized on a large scale with the help of IT.

  1. Virtual desktops bolster regulatory and security compliance: The data of the company or business is important. And it is necessary to safeguard or protect the data. When it comes to sectors like finance, healthcare, and the public, they must secure their data against insider trading and breaches. If not, they can face dire consequences. 

After all, they are industries that are heavily regulated. If you have any sensitive information, you must securely host them within the data center. In this manner, you can ensure that companies protect data and improve their overall security. You will be able to access applications securely and work from home anywhere with ease.

  1. Virtual desktops enhance user experience and productivity: With the help of VDI, you can work from any location on any device. Due to the acceleration of graphics, companies take advantage of various modern business applications. Additionally, the productivity needs of NVIDIA virtualization solutions like large frame buffer and multi-monitor support are satisfied for pattern recognition and better data visualization.


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