4 Components of a Successful eCommerce Business

ecommerce business

Most of us love online shopping. The ability to order whatever we want, whenever we like from the comfort of our own home and have it delivered to the door is definitely an appealing prospect. For many entrepreneurs, this has led to a boom in eCommerce with everybody looking to be the seller of the next big product online. It’s surprising to find what people will actually buy online, and business ideas are in abundance. But in this saturated market, your eCommerce store is going to need the following to stand out and succeed. 

Expert Support

Sure, eCommerce platforms complete with templates and a range of tools to help you get started have made it possible to start an eCommerce store from your living room without the need to hire an expert, but you will usually only get so far on your own. If you want to take your eCommerce store to the next level, it is worth investing in expert support from The Ecomm Guys. Getting help with aspects such as design and user experience, personalisation, marketing, SEO, social media and all the other features of your online store can make a huge difference to your business performance. 

Responsive Design

In a world where more people are using their smartphone as their main computer, an eCommerce store that is not easy and pleasant to use on a mobile is going to fall at the first hurdle. Don’t assume that your customers are going to be shopping on a laptop or PC, no matter what you are selling or whom you are targeting. Even if your customer demographic tends to use the PC or laptop more than others, make sure that they have the option to browse and shop on mobile too. Even better, consider developing a mobile app that they can download and use. 


One of the main things that online customers want when they are shopping at an eCommerce site is peace of mind. Most of us would not be happy to enter our card details and other personal information into a website that we did not trust to protect it. Bear in mind that while online shopping is now much more popular compared to a decade ago, most people who shop online will only feel comfortable doing so at sites that they can trust in terms of security. Make sure that you’re using a secure checkout option with SSL protection. 

Product Images and Videos

How you present your products at your eCommerce store can make all the difference to the interest that you get in them – and order numbers. One of the main drawbacks of online shopping is that customers do not get the chance to see and feel the item before they purchase it and need to make do with images. A wide range of product images from every angle can help to solve this problem, and you may also want to consider adding product videos that will give the customer a chance to take a better look at what they are buying and see it in action. 

No matter what you want to start selling online, keep these tips in mind to get it off to the best start.


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