5 Strategies Revealed: How to Invest in Opportunity Zones


Investors approach opportunity zone investments to assist disadvantaged communities. The U.S. government offers tax incentives for corporations and wealthy individuals who want to invest in these communities and improve life for the residents.

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 provide tax incentives for anyone who is willing to invest in these communities and follow the conditions outlined in the laws and guidelines. By reviewing how to invest in the opportunities, investors can select the community they want to help and get started now. 

1. Start a Different Qualified Opportunity Fund

The different qualified opportunity fund includes creating partnerships, an LLC, or a corporation for managing the opportunity fund. All paperwork for the business entity must be filed through the IRS as outlined in the current tax laws.

Real estate and other assets that become investments in the venture must qualify under the guidelines. They must be undeveloped, operating, or abandoned. However, these assets must improve dramatically within the first 30 days. All assets must be transferred to the fund, including monetary assets. Investors can learn how to invest in opportunity zones by discussing their options with a consultant. 

2. Promote the Community 

Next, the investors must promote the community to get more businesses to move into the area. Communities thrive when there are many businesses established. Businesses and industries must come to the area to attract others to the community. If there aren’t any jobs in the community or anything for residents to do, the investors won’t get new residents into the area, and the community continues to fail. A thriving economy is a must for a community to rebuild.  

3. Connect With More Investors 

Investors must be connectors for others who want to get involved and do their part to improve disadvantaged neighborhoods. The government offers incentives for the investors to help out with the rebuilding projects. As more investors become a part of the low-income community, the more each party can do for residents who are living in the area now and anyone who moves into the area later.  

4. Showcase All Projects in the Community 

Projects that the companies and investors start in the community must get the recognition the community needs. The investors can use the media and social media to showcase all the projects in the community and discuss what they are doing to improve the area and life for the residents. By showcasing the projects, more people will get involved in the ventures and speed up the process.  

5. Create A Campaign to Attract More Residents 

Campaigns set up for the community can increase awareness about new opportunities for residents and increase the population. A community will not thrive if there are only a few people living there and no one is working in the stores or the businesses in the area. New campaigns attract more people into the communities, and the neighborhoods improve. 

Opportunity funds are a great option for investors who want to lend a helping hand to disadvantaged communities and their residents. The investment opportunities help the communities rebuild and provide more money to set up new businesses and facilities for local residents.

After the investors form a LLC, partnership, or corporation, they can transfer funds and assets into the venture. The proceeds they generate are used to recreate the community and help individuals who are living in the community and those who move into the area in the future.


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