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Finding your dream job is a tough task but worry not, for everyone has the ability to get what they want, if they look in the right place at the right time. The key is to not give up. Whether you are a fresh graduate with certified ethical hacker certification, a mid-career professional in graphic designing, a career switcher or an aspiring student of computer science, be 100% sure that you can and you will find the perfect job for you, or rather, that the perfect job will find you.

1. Remain visible to those who matter

The first step of any job pitch is to get the attention of your desired employers. A lot of HR professionals and managers browse job posting platforms like Linkedin, to find candidates for the jobs and stay updated with their work. Having many LinkedIn connections, for example, and getting endorsed by many respected people, plus posting regular and relevant content will prove your credibility towards your work and help you get in the good books of employers even before you bag an interview.

2. Look in the right places

One of the foremost techniques to find the right job is to look in the right places. The best platforms to seek jobs vary from field to field and change with time. Know where you should search for jobs and in what steps. It is true that looking for a job can be a daunting task especially when you are already employed. But following a methodical procedure and doing smart search rather than hard search will increase your chances significantly. 

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3. Make the employer see your value

Making the employers see what value you are bringing to the table is as necessary as getting their attention. There are so many times people get rejected and lose confidence in their own value, skills, and talents. They keep wondering, “I have everything people need, but no one sees my value”. It is very important to differentiate yourself from the pool of candidates by making the employer see your USP that you will bring to their organisation, from which they will benefit. While doing that can be tricky, it’s not impossible. For example, if you are into computer forensics and have a CHFI online certification, then a sharp eye for detail and performing your best under immense pressure as your USP could work in your favour. You need to make sure that you know exactly what your USP is and be confident in it. Make sure that when you talk about your previous work, you talk in a way that shows how having you as an employee benefitted the organisation. 

4. Present yourself at the best

Being your best version is what helps attract your dream job towards you. Whether you are creating a résumé, or a CV, or preparing for your interview, make sure that you present your best self to the employers. Use professional templates for presentations, recommendation letters, cover letters and other reference resources that will put your best foot forward in front of HR professionals. Dressing aptly and sharply for the interview, conducting yourself on social media and following up with HR managers in a professional way are also counted towards your ‘impressive presentation’ manners.

5. Network and get noticed

Networking is the only way you get noticed. Make sure you have a rich online presence in the right communities, groups and on the right platforms. Express your thoughts, ideas and leadership qualities, by engaging in conversations, and interacting with fellows of your community. Never fear criticism or ridicule, especially from strangers on the internet. Those who network increase their net worth. Remember this, and you are all set. 

At the end, just know that if you really believe that your dream job is out there, then it will find you, if not the other way round. You just have to keep all your doors and windows open and be fully prepared when it knocks.

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