5 Ways to set-up wifi-network for your home office


The unprecedented time of the Pandemic has forced us to think whether setting up a home office is a blessing in disguise. It’s been almost seven months since most of us are working from home. Moreover, the reality is that the coronavirus infection is likely to continue for an extended period. This likelihood has pushed many working employees to set up a home office. Having an active internet connection is one of the basic requirements for remotely operating from home. However, since millions of professionals are homebound, there has been an immense surge in network traffic. As a result, your wifi connection might not provide you the desired internet speed. If that’s the case, then here are some tips & tricks that you can try to improve the wifi service at your home.

Broadband modem for your home office

Modern-day modems equipped with either of the two radio waves – 2.4GHz & 5GHz are typically used for home networks. The use of these frequency bandwidths ensures that there is no interference from other transmitter signals. Make sure to choose upgraded equipment as per your network requirement. The 2.4GHz bandwidth often gets jammed as most of the houses are installed with modems working on this radio wave. Hence, you can go for the 5GHz band signal that is faster and less congested as compared to the 2.4GHz bandwidth.

Get wired connection

Technology has advanced, and we all prefer wireless connections. A wired network can solve two of your fundamental issues – speed and security. A wired connection is less susceptible to interference from electrical devices and appliances. Besides, there are fewer chances of your internet connection to get hacked. The wired connection might not be very trendy and convenient; But, the advantages of a wired network highly outweigh the superiority of the wireless network. You can consider connecting devices such as desktop computers, laptops, and PlayStations with the help of ethernet. 

Wifi service plans

Most of the broadband internet connection providers provide the best wifi internet for home. With the surge in network usage, wifi service plans and data caps are rarely an issue. It is advisable to look for a wifi-plan which meets the requirements of all your family members. While choosing your data plan, make sure to keep in mind that along with your work from home schedule, your family members will use the internet to stream online videos, attend classes, or listen to music. These additional activities can affect the speed of your wifi network. A basic data plan will suffice if you need to connect only 2 or 3 devices with your modem. If there are more gadgets to connect with your wireless access point, then you should choose a more advanced plan. 

Position of your router

Keep your router in the center-most place of your house, also make sure the modem is placed above ground-level. Give your router plenty of uncluttered space, as additional devices like a landline, electrical lamps, baby monitors, among others, can hinder the wifi signal, further decreasing the speed of your wifi network. Also, try to avoid obstacles like walls, large fish tanks, and appliances with electromagnetic radiation, as these can cause a detrimental effect. Moving around your modem might seem a mindless solution to a technical issue; however, it can make a huge difference. 

Use of additional devices like Wifi-repeaters & range extenders

If high-speeds are not your actual issue and there is only one wifi service provider in your locality, then your last resort could be to use wifi-repeaters. These devices would repeat the modem’s original band signal. They are pretty cheap to buy and simpler to install as well. 

The second option that you can try to enhance the speed of your home wifi network is to invest in a range extender. These are similar to wifi-repeaters that pick up the signal from your router and rebroadcast it. 


To conclude, a wifi connection is like an umbilical cord connecting you with your work. Hence, it is essential to choose the best internet for home. Before setting up your home office, conduct extensive research on external factors that can affect your wifi-network. 


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