6 Practical Tips to Find the Best Periodontist in Your City

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Dental implants procedures can be an overwhelming yet perfect one of the fruitful decisions of your life. But to make it all worth it, you need to find the right dental implant specialist. Though a simple internet search of “best periodontist near me” can present you with a long list of periodontists near you, you still have to choose the one from probably hundreds of options. Therefore, here are six practical tips to help you find the best periodontist near you.

1. Verify their specialty

There are more than 5,756 periodontists in the United States, and probably hundreds of them would be in your city alone. They specialize in treating periodontal diseases like gum disease and dental implant placements. 

As family dentists and specialty dentists like periodontists have different practices, you must verify the dentist’s specialty. If you are looking to get expert advice on dental implants, take out your smartphone and do an online search with “periodontist near me.” You will find various periodontists in your vicinity.

2. Check how long they have been practicing

Experience in dental practice makes a lot of difference when it comes to treating periodontal diseases. Every patient has specific symptoms and conditions. Having several years of experience in periodontal practice helps the dentist make accurate diagnoses. Check their years of experience to know how long they have been practicing. You can also ask for their portfolio of cases. You can understand what type of previous cases they have worked on.

3. Check the location and office hours

Periodontal procedures can span over months and several sessions. It means you must find a periodontist that isn’t far away from where you live. Check their location to know the commute time. It won’t make sense to travel to another state if you have a dental emergency. 

It’s also good to check the office hours of the clinic. That way, you can make a consultation appointment at the time that suits you. 

4. Online reviews

Online reviews are of great help when knowing about a dental clinic or a specialist. The previous patients of the doctor mostly give such reviews. They will provide valuable information about the doctor’s consultation, waiting hours, and demeanor. You can also get an estimate of pricing for various services and procedures.  

5. Verify their reputation and ask for recommendations

Recommendations are a great way to find the right periodontist for you. The best person to recommend would be a close family member, friend, or colleague who has recently consulted them for a periodical procedure. You can ask them about their experience with the doctor and the procedure.

6. Ask for an initial consultation

You can call the clinic and ask whether they offer any initial consultations. Initial consultations involve visual inspections to have a first-hand idea about the treatment. You can discuss the details of the procedure like duration, expenses, and rest time after the procedure. You can ask to discuss how the procedure can help you. It’s always good to take your time and browse through multiple options before making a choice. It will help you to make an informed decision.

Finding the right periodontist can be overwhelming. Make sure you take your time, do your research, and know your options before making the final decision.

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