6 Tips to Protect your Eyes from Screen Damage


You wake up and the first thing you hold in your hand is probably your mobile phone. You go to work and sit in front of your laptop for hours. You come back from work and open your system to play your favourite video game or keep scrolling social media until you fall asleep. 

Days, weeks, months and years following this routine, you end up damaging your eyesight. The damage to your eyes due to excessive screen ua=sage is inevitable and can not be avoided at any cost. We know that we are damaging our eyes, which is surely one of the key senses we have.

The damage to the eyes due to excessive screen usage can go longer than we expect it to be. From mild eye pain to serious vision problems, many things can affect our eye health. I remember once I visited a renowned ophthalmologist at Hashmani Eye Hospital who told me that eye damage due to screen usage is the most commonly faced eye health problem.

How to Protect Your Eyes from Screen?

You already know why our eye health is important and there is no second option in this that having optimum eye health is important for all the good reasons. This is for sure one of the greatest gifts from nature we are born with. Here are some of the ways that can help to protect your vision with a screen life.  

1- Take frequent breaks

No matter how much work you have got to cover, understand the importance of frequent screen breaks. This is not the right way to sit in front of a screen for hours and let it destroy your vision. To keep your eyes working well, you need to take breaks. A recommended way is to take a screen break after every 30 minutes to give rest to your eyes.

2- Blink more

When we spend too much time in front of screens then it certainly affects our blinking ability. No matter what you feel like, it is better to practice blinking on purpose. After every few minutes, blink your eyes and associate with your work. You may find it difficult in the beginning but can gradually become habitual of it.

3- Sleep well

Next in the list of protecting your eyes from screen damages comes the role of proper sleep. When you don’t sleep well after hours of stressing out your eyes then this can certainly damage your eyes. So, you need to be more considerate about your sleep schedule and do all the things that can help you to sleep well.

4- Follow 20-20-20 rule

You may find it difficult to move your eyes away from the screen however or this you can follow the 20-20-20 rule. This rule says that you need to watch at least 0 ft away for seconds after every 20 minutes of screen usage. This helps you to look away and ensure regular screen breaks. 

5- Use screen glasses

Many people think that they should only wear glasses if they are having any problem with vision. However, the use of screen glasses can be quite helpful in preventing screen damage. These protective glasses stop the harmful rays radiating from your skin to reach your eyes so you can consult your physician and get screen glasses to protect your vision in the long run.

6- Eat eyes healthy foods

The food you consume has a greater impact on your eyes health. You may not find it important but certain foods can help to boost your vision. Certain vitamins present in different food items can be quite helpful in protecting your vision. One such example is vitamin A that is present in carrots and other sources and is considered to support your vision. Further, vitamin E, healthy fats etc are also considered to be eye healthy.

Bottom Line!

Your eye health is important and the use of the screen is one of the reasons that can affect it to a greater extent. Thus it is crucial to protect your eyes from screen damage. If you want to save your eyes from the damage caused by the screen then follow all these tips alongside visiting your physician regularly.


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