7 Tips to Stay Sane During Quarantine

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The coronavirus pandemic has forced numerous countries to enact lockdowns all over the planet. People around the world are feeling anxious. Every hour the COVID-19 crisis brings in more bad news adding anxiety to the already vexed nerves. 

I can totally relate to the feeling of boredom that comes with repeating the monotonous routine. Carrying out the same mundane chores while being stuck inside the same space can make you feel like you are losing grip over reality. But fear not, there are ways you can ensure that your sanity remains intact during the quarantine. 

7 Easy Ways of Staying Sane During Self Isolation

It is possible that very few people may have experienced a pandemic in the past, but the situation now is still unique. Going out for groceries used to be fun. Now, it has become a monstrous task knowing that grocery stores are crowded areas where you have to be extra careful. There are no rules or guidelines that can help you figure out how to multitask and balance your family and work at the same time. Juggling work, family, kids, and other tasks starts to drive you crazy.

In early continuous lockdowns, many people found solace in the TV shows they liked. I, too, explored the Charter Spectrum TV packages and loved binge-watching my favorites. But that routine did not last for long. If you are one of those people who hoped that staying home would be fun and in reality, it became a total nightmare, these tips can help you keep your sanity.

#1. Accept the Change

It is important that you realize that plans will continue to change until things settle down and the pandemic is controlled. You can cope with it by modifying your perspective. Use this opportunity to explore your creative streak and make things happen.  

#2. Get Organized 

Whether or not you are generally an organized person, use this time to move things around. You can organize your work station or any other part of the house that has been neglected for so long. If not that, you can redesign the way you work to enhance your productivity.

#3. Exercise 

Exercise is an excellent way of boosting your mental activity. Physical exercise improves the blood circulation in your body and enhances your brain function. Exercising does not mean lifting weights or working the tough machines in a gym. There are several easy yet effective exercises that can be done in the comfort of your home with the simplest things. You can opt for yoga or meditation too.

#4. Take up a New Hobby

An excellent way of staying sane and spicing up the boring routine is by expanding your horizon. The human brain is magical yet mysterious! It always has room for new things. You can start something that has always intrigued you but you could never find time to do before. From gardening to painting to learning a new language, the possibilities are limitless.

#5. Spend Quality Time with Family 

We crave company. It is basic human nature. Spend some quality time with your family. You can carry out an activity that will include everyone. For instance, playing charades, or maybe a board game or even a family dinner where everyone can share their stories is a great way to get closer to your family.

#6. Stick to a Certain Routine 

In these trying times, maintaining a certain routine can help you remain sane. Repeating the same set of tasks in a certain order can give you a sense of control in this chaos. You can make a schedule that is not robotic by adding different tasks to be done on alternate days. The point is to keep some routine. It also helps you remain better organized and improves your work productivity. 

#6. Sleep Well 

The last tip that I would give you is to get quality sleep. There is no denying the fact that quality sleep is essential for boosting the brain and body functions. Keep in mind the difference between sleeping well and getting enough hours of sleep. On any given day you may have slept 8 hours the previous night, but if the sleep quality was poor, you will find yourself irritable and restless the next morning. 

A Few More Words of Wisdom

Getting out of the house for some fresh air is not a bad idea. But you should not go out for chores that can be completed on your phone by a simple call or an app. For example, whenever my telephone bill is due, I opt for the “spectrum pay my bill by phone” option. If you want to enjoy the company of people you cannot actually meet face to face, do it online! You can host online book clubs or get-togethers. 

Until things can go back to normal, try to adapt to this new normal. Explore different ideas to improve your productivity. Above all else, get in touch with your own self, set your priorities, and take this opportunity to nurture yourself.

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