Best Online Slideshow Maker You Will Like in 2022


Slideshow makers have been on the rise since people understood that videos are nothing but an amalgam of images placed in a sequence. Currently, you can find a variety of slideshow makers in the market. Some are created for desktops and others for Mac and mobiles. Another category is online slideshow makers, which work across devices. Although they are prominently required to edit slideshows, there are many avenues, ranging from YouTube, corporate and student projects to family film and more, for people to use a Slideshow editor. 

This article will guide you through the top online slideshow makers you can use for your daily photo and video edits. Remember, to use an online slideshow maker optimally, you require a fast and stable internet connection. 

Movavi Clips 

Movavi Clips is a slideshow-making and video editing application available for free and best for beginners who want to try hands-on editing. The application has a streamlined interface with various special effects and transitions to choose from. Additionally, it includes an assortment of animated text options that brings your overall content to life. Compiling images, editing them, and exporting them in various .mp4, .mov, and .avi formats, among others, is effortless on Movavi. 

A lot of Movavi’s effects and functions are free to use; however, to get the most out of the application, you must get its paid version. 


Slidey is a minimalistic Sideshow making tool. It has several advanced features and filters, making it a hit among everyone, including newbies and professional editors. It is based on the web, meaning – you don’t need to download any heavy files. The overall interface of Slidey is effortless to use and offers a quick tutorial to help you get your way around faster. Above all, it provides an uninterrupted integration to social media allowing you to instantly share your creation on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook, among others.

Smooth and easy to use, It is the best online slideshow maker and video editing tool  in the market. It offers an amalgam of more than 5000 templates, a music library, iStock for quick stock photo selection, and much more. Since it’s an online tool, there is no download required.

The versatile collection of transitions and videos adds to the overall usability of Invideo and makes it more useful for both beginner and professional editors. Plus, you can start editing for free with just a sign-up and seek help, if needed, from the responsive customer support at this platform. 

Google Slides 

Has there been a time when you desperately need to make an edit to a slideshow, but you find yourself away from your computer? For such scenarios and more, Google Slides is an optimal option. It is a web-based application with a user interface similar to that of Microsoft PowerPoint. The app can be used on any device, including laptops, tablets, and mobile. Since it’s online, it can also function smoothly on any OS. Basic editing like adding new slides, customizing texts, pinning images, and more is quite easy to do on Google Slides. The app is best for beginner and intermediate-level editors. 

Since it’s not a conventional slideshow editor, you can only download your work in .pptx, .pdf, .odp, and .txt formats. 


This online slideshow maker is user-friendly, and its quick tutorials allow anyone to get their hands on the application in no time. Although online, Kizora is light and loads up fairly quickly. You can directly import content from your computer onto the application, edit it and download it back. You can compile images, edit videos and even form collages using the tool. 

The online app hosts more than 50 transitions and special effects that smoothly integrate with your images and videos. Along with creating content, you can upload it on Facebook or share it via email directly from the application. However, to do this, you’ll need to create an account first. 


Canva has seen a resounding success globally thanks to its clean user interface and numerous effects, transition, and edit options. You can use the application to combine images, edit videos, add music, use animated stickers, customize the text and do much more. On Canva, there are a ton of free stock images and videos that you can use. However, to get the best out of your experience, you must purchase its Pro version, which is much less than any other editor.

Apart from online, Canva is available offline as well. However, both function similarly. More than slideshow making, you can also enjoy image manipulation and designing on the app. 

123 Slideshow 

123 Slideshow is a simple slideshow maker, best for beginners. The web-based application allows you to choose your pictures, scale them, and combine them into a seamless slideshow experience. You can also customize texts and hyperlink them to websites according to your needs. You can customize the background, add borders to each image and choose from many side effects. 

The point to consider is that it’s online. So, you might find ads popping up around your screen. That being said, you will find the loading and working of the entire application to be prompt. Also, there are limited effects and transitions to explore on 123 Slideshow. 

Why Choose Online Slideshow Makers?

There are several slideshow-making software available out there. A lot of them are free. However, here are some reasons why you should choose Online Slideshow Makers — 

  • Online slideshow makers can work on any operating system, which means you are not restricted to a device. You can carry your workaround. 
  • They do not require extra space in your HDD or SSD. Because they are online, you can simply visit the necessary URL and start working. 
  • You can save your work or choose to share it with others using the social share options that many online slideshow makers provide. 
  • There are several effects, transitions, and editing options that you can explore on these apps. 

Online editors are best for people who plan to use them temporarily for a project. You can simply go online, make your slides, download them, and that’s it.


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