business for sale in greece

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A business in Greece has sold for a whopping $50 million. The sale was made by an Italian company based out of Milan, Italy. The website that the company runs,, provides lots of information on the business and features pictures of the building and the owner.

The sale is an example of a real estate business that is becoming quite popular in Greece. Of course, this isn’t the only example of a business selling for astronomical amounts of cash. In Greece, there are lots of other places where investors are willing to make a quick buck just because they can.

The Greek government recently passed a law that allows companies to sell their property for a set amount of money, usually for three years. The law is called “Estat” or “Owner’s Statute.” It allows any person to own a property and then sell it for a certain amount of money at a certain time. However, it does not allow for the person to sell their property for more than the amount of the owner’s Statute.

The Greek government has been pretty tightfisted with selling their own assets for quite some time. Any property the Greek government owns is owned by the people of Greece, and the people themselves are not allowed to sell their property. The only exception to this rule is private hospitals, which are owned by the Greek government and are not allowed to be sold unless authorized by the government. The Greek government did just sign a contract that allowed them to sell a hospital for €2.8 billion.

This is one of the things that makes it so weird that the government has been selling hospitals for so long. I am not sure why they bothered. It was a bad time, and hospitals were just as valuable as gold. Of course, the Greek government is also now selling the very thing that was supposed to be their main asset: their country.

So I guess it’s a good thing that we no longer need hospitals.

I’m not sure why they bothered with the hospital sale. They could have just as easily sold off all the hospitals in Greece. The government now owns the hospital you are reading this article on. So now you have a government that owns the hospital, which has no money.

They now own the hospital, which has no money. In other words, they now own your hospital. Which means it is now the government’s money. And so your hospital has become the government’s property.

This would explain why they were selling off the hospitals. They were just trying to get rid of the hospitals, but they didn’t know that now the government owned them. They could have just sold them at the bottom of the market. If you look at Greece, they have the highest cost of living in the European Union, so they are not a good market to sell off hospitals at.

Greece is an interesting example. It’s an EU country, so they are in the EU’s club of countries. But Greece has a very high crime rate, so they are not a very good place to sell businesses at. Plus it is a country that has a very strong government. That means that the politicians there are not afraid to sell off businesses. It’s just a bad situation for businesses to be in in that you know the politicians will do anything to achieve their goals.


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