Catchy Custom Printed Box Sleeves for Presenting your Silver Jewelry Pieces

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If you have just started your jewelry business, making your mark in the industry and getting recognition with the customers can be taxing. Are you using a creative marketing campaign to tell the jewelry lovers about your arty pieces and is your website up and running? Product packaging is yet another vital element that plays a significant role in promoting the offerings, branding and demonstrating your individuality. The boxes that you want to use for displaying the earrings, pendants, rings and bracelets to shoppers should be captivating. They need to be emblem of your company and what makes your items differentiating from the rest. 

Sleeve boxes wholesale are one of the laudable packaging solutions you can use for flaunting and selling your products. The boxes are not only appealing but they will keep the brilliance of silver and stones intact for a long time. You can use the packaging for telling the potential customers about the different collection of rings and earrings you have. Do you have an experienced printer to cater to your needs and get the boxes printed with coruscating artwork and catchy customizations? If not, you should look out for a vendor that is familiar with what’s new and trending in the industry. You should do some research before entrusting the job of packaging printing to a vendor. 

Define the goals you want to achieve and how you can use the boxes for retail to support you with accomplishing them. 

Tips in this post will aid you with printing striking sleeve packaging!

Have a Noteworthy Sleeve Packaging Design Made 

Artwork for the boxes should be winsome; it should complement the kind of jewelry that is your specialty. Have your logo printed prominently on the packaging along with the tagline. You can have varying colored sleeves for each of the collections. Like for instance, if you have nature inspired and other ranges, get the names pop on the boxes with colorful and cursive font. Your jewelry store’s name can be embossed on the packaging. 

Boxes that can keep the Items Well-Stored 

Before you select the stock for printing the packaging, make sure to check thickness, strength and flexibility of the available material options. If you don’t know much about the stocks, ask the printer to provide you guidelines. Cardboard is usually preferred for sleeves but you can take a look at other preferences as well. Many brands are turning toward biodegradable boxes; you can view the eco-friendly materials’ specs. 

Packaging with Instruction Cards and Inserts 

Silver can lose its luster if exposed to fragrance and moisture. You need to insert care and storage instruction cards within the custom printed box sleeves for guiding customers. Packaging for delicate and pieces with stones should have inserts to provide them ultimate support and protection. If you offer free polishing and jewelry fixing services, mention this on the boxes. Have your store locations printed on the packaging and bags. For handmade and exclusive items, get special boxes made. You can use decorative packaging for Valentine’s and wedding collections. 

Make sure that there is not cluttered text on the boxes, don’t use too many details. Give away storage pouches and discount cards on orders from regular buyers to make them feel valued. 

The Legacy Printing has assisted many budding businesses to pitch their products through compelling packaging. The printer has a friendly team that can proactively answer your queries related to services and placing order. 

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