contemporary wood furniture

wood, board, structure @ Pixabay

Contemporary wood furniture is so cool. It’s a furniture style that is all about the look and feel of the wood, along with the materials used. Contemporary wood furniture has a lot of versatility as well, as the styles can be anything from modern to antique to transitional, depending on what your heart desires.

I’m thinking of modern wood furniture, but I’m also thinking of furniture that is more traditional or timeless. Traditional wood furniture is the stuff that you find in homes and churches. But I’m thinking specifically about things like dining rooms, kitchen cabinets, etc. because my own style of modern wood furniture tends to be more eclectic, and also because I really like a lot of the traditional pieces we see in more expensive homes.

But you should be careful with the word “traditional.” Traditional is a very loaded term that really means a lot of things. The word means to be a part of something, a tradition, an institution. In our own home, we have a lot of things that are traditional: a living room fireplace, a couch, a TV, a side table, and so on.


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