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I have been on the receiving end of a good dose of pepper spray when I have been in a store and I was walking by the sales assistant. It was a really intense experience. It was a cool feeling if you know what I mean.

Pepper spray has been around for a while now. I remember a lot of my high school teachers using it to calm people down. I guess it’s a pretty effective tool against a large number of people.

Pepper spray is a lot more dangerous than it seems. It is a popular weapon for riot police and military officers. But there is another reason to use it. You don’t want to kill people if you can avoid it. If you are being stopped by police or military for a crime you should know that if you can avoid them, you should not be committing one.

Pepper spray is a popular weapon for police and military. People have used it to calm people down. But some people have gotten killed when they haven’t anticipated how dangerous it really is. I had a friend that was in the military and he used pepper spray on a guy that was threatening him with a knife. The guy had a knife, but he still shot the police officer. I think most people would have done the same thing.

The point is pepper spray is a bad idea. The first thing that comes to mind is people who use it to kill people. The second is people who want to kill people.

People who want to kill people are often mistaken for people who want to kill you. That’s why the people that are trying to kill you aren’t the real bad guys. In fact, it’s often the people who try to kill you that are the ones trying to kill the real bad guys. It’s not that they’re trying to kill you, it’s that they want to kill you. They don’t want to kill you because they don’t want to die.

The reason we call this “pepper spray” is because it is a very effective pepper spray. But it is also the first line of defense that is only as good as the second line of defense. The reason this pepper spray can be so effective is because it is made of a very non-lethal material. The pepper spray is designed to be thrown from a distance of about 12 feet. That is why its so effective.

Pepper sprayed pepper spray is a very popular weapon. It is used for everything from SWAT team use to drug dealers to terrorists. Even though it is not lethal, it can still cause a lot of pain and suffering. If you are ever in fear for your life, always carry pepper spray with you and use it as soon as possible.

pepper spray is very effective against animals. It is very effective against people. If you are in some way at risk of losing your life and/or limb, or if you are using pepper spray in a fight where it is not expected to cause immediate and severe injury, never ever ever ever ever use pepper spray on any animal.

The last time I used pepper spray on an animal I hit a deer in the mouth and it fell to the ground and died. I have never been in a fight where pepper spray I was the cause of death. If you ever find yourself in such a situation and pepper spray isn’t an option, you can always use a firearm. It will just be less effective.


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