Father’s Guide: Newborn Baby Accessories Essentials


Blessed with a baby? If yes, you must be the happiest man alive right now! We hate to be the one to rain on your parade but don’t get too excited, the trouble has just started. Yes, the cuteness of your little ones comes at a cost. Since mothers are more often busy feeding and taking care of the baby, you have to shoulder the responsibility and undertake the task of shopping for baby boy accessories or baby girl accessories online. 

Why do newborn babies need new accessories?

Well, this question might cross your mind once or twice once you become a father, so we are taking the liberty to answer it before that happens. 

  • For starters, newborn babies need to wear clothes and it can’t be your clothes
  • Newborns have the most delicate skin. They need clothes that are made of soft fabric that is gentle on the skin. 
  • The immune system of newborns is in the development stage. They need clothes that are clean, hygienic and germ-free. 

Now you may have anticipated this big responsibility falling on your shoulders, but we assume you still don’t have any idea about what to buy and what not to for your newborn baby. Well, fret not if you’ve got no clue. Today, we’ll share a list of essential newborn baby accessories that you can buy online. Mind you, the stuff we are going to list is everything apart from regular clothes and toys. 

  1. Storage bags

Life after a baby isn’t going to be simple. You won’t be going out anywhere without the baby, and the must-carry essentials such as diapers, an extra set of clothes, etc. You can carry them in your side bag but there must be other stuff occupying the space. Storage bags from Miarcus will give you the flexibility to move around with your baby without worrying about the storage. These storage bags are made using organic cotton and can be a suitable replacement for anti-environment plastic bags. The product is easy to wash and clean, making it available for reuse. You can buy these online on Miarcus website. 

  1. Woven storage pouches

Even though you have a storage bag, you would want some sort of arrangement inside the storage bag, very similar to keeping all spices separately. For instance, you can keep all the clothes inside one storage pouch, the bibs in another and stuff like baby wipes and diapers in yet another designated pouch. The waterproof design protects the inside items from any kind of spill damage and is also easy to wash.

  1. Cotton washcloths

“Eat, cry, shit, sleep, repeat.” That’s basically the five words that sum up every newborn. While you can manage with all the crying, eating and sleeping, the shit needs to be cleaned to keep them hygienic and safe.You can’t just use any cloth to wipe their butts, you need a soft and delicate piece of cloth. Miarcus aqua woven wash clothes is made using premium organic cotton that’s soft on their tushies. These washcloths come in different colours and are ultra-soft to suit the gentle and sensitive skin of your baby. 

You can buy all these essentials along with other items like baby feeding, playing and bathing kit online on www.miarcus.com


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