Five Keys to a Successful PRINCE2 Project Manager

Project Manager

Some people can recall their first project. They are now in their mid-twenties, and there’s been a lot of hard work that they’ve invested in. They are proud to tell anyone who will listen that they are a project manager. As on a PRINCE2 Training Course London.

Others learn about being a project manager through their co-workers. They might hear them talk about their experiences, or they might overhear them explain how it’s been going. Soon these first baby steps into “the world of project management” become noticeably nervous. Once they think they’re ready to move on they start to question whether or not they are ready to face the responsibility and culture that comes with being a project manager.

One very important day will arrive when everyone in the team will have the responsibility to manage their projects. If you haven’t yet yet received that responsibility, think about what you’re doing right now. Look at what you’re doing to keep the project moving forward. Are you actively managing your projects? Or are you reacting to other things? If you are actively managing your projects, then you know what needs to be done. You do the work, you accomplish your goals and everyone is happy. If you’re acquiring this new responsibility, and you didn’t have it before then, you’ll have to find a way to express that you’re now in a better position to do it.

If you’re struggling to find your way in the world of project management, take a look at these five keys.

Get your head above the water on a daily basis–Now this is not a lifeguard sort of urge. Don’t let the water get under you. Not every day but on a daily basis, assess your situation and work to get better. You don’t need to become a algae swimming instructor or anything like that, beyond saying again be a little better everyday. Just take a look at where you are and start getting better. Don’t let the water get under you.

Keep your options open-You will want to evaluate where you are, at least on Twitter, almost as soon as you get that new role and you will want to make a concerted effort to find other ways to get the work done. Some of things you could do are to add more work, more accountable team members or even add more teams.

Choose the most important- Of course, this is about making sure you’re the CEO and what that means is, you need to have a very clear view on what exactly it is that it is that matters most to you. This is important to make sure you follow through or even can accomplish what needs to be done.

Make sure your reports are accurate- If you’re not very accurate then your reports will reflect that. Getting these reports wrong and being turned down for a project will be difficult.

Watch for pitfalls or issues- There are a lot of tricks in the organization not to mention overhead costs that folks might not realize prior to mounting their own project; just make a point of finding those no-shows, then not even trying to re-clear them when the other team members arrive. You need to be well-aware of project that will be happening and responsibility you need to complete it well so that the costed budget is accurate.


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