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I’ve started to develop an affinity for the city of Bangkok and even more so for its people. I’m particularly drawn to the Thai people’s infectious energy, which I find especially compelling as it is a trait I have in common with a lot of my friends from the Bay Area.

My most recent trip to Asia was a trip to Bangkok for a business meeting. During that trip I took a side trip to the Phrao Market, which was like nothing I have ever seen before. On my way to Phrao I had to stop at a grocery store and pay for a bag of peanuts, and before I knew it I was standing in a long line for a bag of peanuts.

The next day I went back to Thailand to see if the peanuts would still be in the same bag, and it was. I had a great lunch, and even if you don’t get to enjoy the Phrao Market, you can still experience it.

Phrao Market is the largest marketplace in Southeast Asia, a city packed with shoppers, vendors, and shopkeepers. It’s also one of the largest shopping malls in the world, with several floors of more than 5000 stores and hundreds of vendors. If you’ve never been there, it’s definitely worth a trip.

There are several things to do there at the market. You can spend the day at the Phrao market, shopping as usual, then head to Phraowon for a night tour. Or you can spend a day at the market by yourself to explore it a little more. Maybe you want to go into a local food store, browse the stalls, or go to one of the various flea markets. There are so many options, you may want to try something new.

Or if you want to go to a real live market, you can head to the city centre market, which has a good selection of art, fashion and other stores, at the weekend. And there are plenty of restaurants and shops to enjoy.

The city centre market is open every weekend, but the weekend market is open only on the first Saturday in the month, while the food market and the flea markets are open every day of the week. As for the flea markets, you can head to the markets in Phraowon, Thoeng Phet, and Pho Minh Phai.

As with all markets, the best time to come is during the morning. The city centre market opens around 6 am, but the weekend market opens around 3 pm so you can get in early if you’re interested in a lot of different things.

In the morning, you can get a good deal on fresh fish and seafood. In the afternoon, you can get fresh fish, chicken, and crabs. If you go early in the morning, you can also pick up fresh vegetables, fruit, and noodles. If you go late, you can get noodles and fresh fruits and vegetables. If you go in the afternoon, you can pick up seafood, and fresh chicken, pork, and beef.

Some of the restaurants and stalls are pretty good and the one thing I don’t like is the prices. But you can get some pretty good food for pretty cheap. That being said, you can also get the occasional fresh fish and seafood for pretty cheap. The market’s also a great place to pick up fresh fruits and vegetables.


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