How to Achieve a Smile Makeover


Preventative dental care services are not the only ones available, with cosmetic, restorative, and orthodontic treatments available to boost your confidence by transforming your smile. 

Teeth Cleaning and Whitening 

Teeth Cleaning and Whitening is offered by most dentists and is usually discussed as bi-yearly check-ups. Teeth cleaning treatment is used to remove plaque build-up, to prevent cavities and dental problems, but it can also slightly alter the appearance of the teeth by making them look cleaner. Teeth whitening treatment is used to bleach the teeth to appear much lighter for a whiter smile. This is a desirable choice if you have a substantial amount of staining from your lifestyle habits, such as eating and drinking certain foods. Staining and yellowing can be noticeable and affect your confidence, and many people avoid smiling with their teeth because of this. If you are insecure about the staining or yellowing of your teeth, discuss teeth whitening with your dentist.

To achieve the ultimate results, it is better to search for private dentistry in your area as they offer a wider range of services. 

These treatments can be seen on, for example, and include the following.


Braces can be effective for straightening:

  • Crooked teeth
  • Overcrowded teeth 
  • Protruding teeth
  • Gaps between teeth
  • Under and overbite

The different types of braces include:

  • Metal 
  • Ceramic
  • Invisalign

Metal braces are the most visible but are more affordable – where ceramic and Invisalign are more expensive but less visible options if you do not want your treatment to draw attention.

To get braces, your teeth and gums must be healthy to prevent tooth decay and gum disease, and orthodontic treatment can take up to 2 years and a half years, so this treatment is not quick, but it does have high success rates. You should consider this treatment if you are insecure about crooked, overcrowded, protruding teeth, have gaps between them or have an under or overbite when your mouth is closed. Following this treatment, you must wear a retainer to prevent the teeth from moving from their new position.


Bonding can be effective for correcting teeth that are:

  • Chipped
  • Cracked
  • Broken
  • Uneven

Composite resin is used to bond to the teeth and replace the missing areas and restore the original shape. The composite resin used matches the color of the tooth for a natural result. You should consider bonding if you are insecure about chipped, cracked, broken, or uneven teeth and want to improve their appearance and function.


Veneers can be effective in covering teeth that are:

  • Poorly formed
  • Severely stained
  • Damage

Veneers can be made from:

  • Plastic resin
  • Porcelain

Consult your dentist to have a discussion on which they feel would best suit you and your goals, as each type can result in a different finish due to the materials used.

Veneers are shells that are custom-made to cover the front surface of your teeth and can make a vastly different to appearance. If you are insecure about poorly formed, severely stained, or damaged teeth, you should consider veneers. Bonding is often more suitable in milder cases, but veneers are effective at concealing severely damaged teeth.


Dentures can be effective in replacing teeth that are missing, and treatment can include partial or complete (a full set of) dentures, depending on how many natural teeth are still left in the mouth.

Usually, dentures are ready to be placed in replacement of the teeth 8-12 weeks after removal but opting for immediate dentures means that they are ready to be positioned as soon as the removal procedure has been complete. However, they will require more maintenance to ensure they fit correctly throughout the healing process, so they should be used as a temporary measure while awaiting the regular dentures for best results.

Dental implants can also be used to stabilize dentures, securing them into the gums, but this is not suitable for all patients.

Teeth cleaning and whitening, braces, bonding, veneers, and dentures are a few of the most effective treatments for transforming your smile and regaining confidence. Consult your dentist if you are interested in proceeding with discussions about cosmetic, restorative, or orthodontic treatments.


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