How to Choose the Best Infor M3 ERP Consulting Service?

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Infor M3 is a cloud-based manufacturing and distribution ERP system. It comes with the latest technologies that give it powerful analytics capabilities in a multi-company, multicountry, and multisite platform. An ERP is an advanced IT solution that can help you manage your entire business, and an ERP consultant can ensure the software runs as efficiently and smoothly as possible.

 The ERP consultant also overlooks any shortcomings in these solutions. A good ERP consultant is of paramount importance to a business for a corporation’s digital transformation and success of the business. 

Here are some helpful tips to help you choose the best Infor M3 ERP consulting service.

Expertise in Infor M3 ERP Implementation 

The number one thing to look for in Infor M3 ERP consultant is expertise in the implementation of ERP. You need to ensure the team has expertise in Infor M3 ERP functionality and implementation that comes through hands-on experience. The consultant should have experience in ERP implementation in a critical production environment. 

Knowledge of all areas 

The Infor M3 is a top ERP solution for manufacturing and distribution companies. It contains several modules for different areas like Equipment, Finance, Sales, Purchasing, Manufacturing, and Supply Chain Execution. The consultant team should have a broad depth of knowledge of all functional areas and other business processes covered by other modules. 

The Infor M3 ERP consultant should also know the entire CloudSuite eco-system, including integration platforms, Infor OS, Analytical tools, PLM, WMS, and AI. The consultant team should also know the support development requirements and limitations of the system. A good question you can ask the consultant is whether the Infor M3 ERP has all capabilities to cover all critical business areas. 

Good Back support team of specialists

Successful Implementation of Infor M3 ERP is only half battle won. Your company staff may find several difficulties while understanding the ERP workflow, processes, and options for different functional areas. In that scenario, you will need back support of Infor M3 specialists who know in and out of the ERP and can guide your staff in case of any difficulties. 

The support team should be available 24×7, and they should be able to resolve your issue or escalate it to the right Infor M3 ERP specialist for a speedy solution. The specialists should be skilled enough to understand any problem remotely, investigate the issue and provide the right solution. 

The frontline customer team should be able to understand your issue and how it is affecting your business. They should keep you updated about the progress of the resolution at all times. 

Reduce the need for product support

The company offering Infor M3 ERP provides essential manuals, tutorials, and other documentation to help the customer learn about tips and tricks to use the software efficiently. However, referring to the product support documentation and learning things can take lots of productive time for your staff. 

The Infor M3 ERP consultant you select should reduce the need for product support. In simple words, the customer support should be knowledgeable about all functionalities of ERP software, be able to speed up and simplify the learning process without referring to product support documentation. In simple words, the consultant should be your bridge between your business and Infor Support. 

These are some factors you need to consider when selecting the best Infor M3 ERP consulting service. 

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