How to Convert Your Garage into a Home Gym

Home Gym

Most people will have had experiences of joining a local gym, being totally committed to working out there for a month or two then slowly finding that they do not have the time or inclination to keep it going. 

It is a common situation; sometimes people are just too busy to dedicate an hour or two to the local gym or find reasons not to go. Imagine if your local gym was simply a few steps away from your home. You would need no time to travel and could work out whenever it suited your busy life. Today there is a rise in popularity in creating a home gym and your garage could be the perfect space for this. 

Here are some key points to consider when you decide on this conversion.

  • Firstly, clean the space

Before you start buying gym equipment and setting up your garage as a home gym you must give it a thorough clean and tidy. Remove all the junk and storage boxes and ensure that floors and walls are spotlessly clean. You want your workouts to be in a clean and hygienic space as an absolute priority. If your garage has old paintwork on the walls, consider giving it a new coat of paint. Bright colors can be inspiring for working out and red can be a very motivating color to enable you to push harder on your workouts. 

  • Consider the lighting requirements

Your garage is unlikely to have sufficient lighting for it to be effective as a gym. When planning the conversion, first consider where your main gym equipment will be and use these locations for task lighting so you can work out safely with ample illumination on these areas. Electrical suppliers such as offer an immense range of lights that will be suitable in a home gym. It makes sense to choose LED lighting over the old-fashioned incandescent bulbs as LED lights have a longer working life and use significantly less amounts of energy, which will save you money on your energy bills over time.

  • Upgrade the flooring

Your garage will almost certainly have a concrete floor, and this is not ideal for gym usage. Concrete can absorb moisture and is difficult to keep clean as well as not being a good surface for high impact exercise. Vinyl, rubber and EVA are all good choices for gym floors and offer improved impact resistance. 

  • Choose superior quality equipment

Once you have the flooring completed and a clean, fresh space with lighting on key areas it is time to choose the gym equipment. Firstly, make a list of priority gym equipment that you are sure will be utilized on a regular basis. Gym equipment can be expensive, so you want to ensure you will get maximum usage from it. As a rule, it is wiser to purchase high quality gym equipment rather than going for cheaper brands. Well-designed equipment will last for longer and tends to provide a smoother experience, especially on treadmills and bikes.


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