How to Get Rid of the Clutter at Your Parents’ House

Parents' House

When it’s time for your parents to move into a nursing home, it’s essential that they know what will happen with their belongings. They might not be able to remember the details of what happened to items that are no longer needed, and they might also be unsure about giving away pieces that have sentimental value.

But if you clear out your parents’ home and decide to donate some of their things, they’ll know exactly what will happen with their old possessions and can rest easy knowing that they won’t get lost or forgotten and will instead be enjoyed by others in a new home elsewhere. 

However, it can be a large job to clear out a whole house, and it can feel quite overwhelming. Therefore, to help with the process, here are a few ways to get rid of the clutter at your parents’ home. 

Take a Trip Through the Garage or Basement 

The garage and basement are both excellent places to start because they are typically not used as often, and they can be easily locked up when nobody is using them. In addition, the garage usually has plenty of space, and it can hold a lot of boxes and other items that you want to keep. The basement also has plenty of space with boxes that can hold anything from old electronics to clothes, which are great for donating or selling.

Clean Out The Cupboards and Drawers

Decluttering your parents’ home means getting rid of the clutter they may have accumulated over the years. This could include old food in the kitchen cupboards, old clothes in the drawers, etc.

It’s important to think about what your parent or grandparent wants when tackling this task. For example, they might not want their home to be too neat – they might prefer a more natural and lived-in look. However, if they want their kitchen cabinets cleaned out, you should go ahead with that decision because it will make life easier. 

Clear Out Old Clothes To Donate

If you are looking for ways to declutter your parents’ home, you should consider donating old clothes to charity. Many people don’t realize how much they have accumulated, and they end up filling up their homes with a lot of junk that they don’t need anymore.

If you’re not sure what to do with old clothes, you can donate them to a local charity or even sell them on the internet. You can also give money to your parents for spending while they are in the retirement home. If you decide to donate clothes, you should ensure that they’re clean before you give them away. 

Since you may be unsure how long these clothes have been sitting in the closet, it’ll definitely be a good idea to have them washed first. You can do this by laundering them yourself or taking items such as suits, gowns, and dresses to a professional cleaning service such as the dry cleaners Croydon has to offer or somewhere similar in your local area. 

Donate Old Toys Left Over from Your Childhood

Many people have difficulty parting with their old toys from their childhood. But donating them is a great way to declutter your parents’ home and give other children the chance to enjoy the toys that you once loved. Of course, if you choose to donate your old toys, you will need to make sure they work and are clean for future use. 


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