How to Improve Your Home this Summer

Home this Summer

Summer is an uplifting time of the year with bright sunshine, ice cream and plenty of barbeques. What makes summer an even more positive season, is that the weather allows for so many things in the home to be improved, created and enjoyed. Whether you live in an apartment, a house or a country estate, summer provides great opportunities for everyone to get the house looking in perfect shape for when winter rolls back around and you’re stuck inside.

Make essential dry weather repairs

There are plenty of DIY jobs that we put off during the winter because they are simply too difficult to efficiently complete in the cold, damp weather. Some examples of this include painting the outside of houses like the masonry, windows, doors and fences. It can also be challenging to wait for inside paint to dry quickly in a drafty house during winter. Jobs like cleaning the gutters are also best done in the summer months, as this a filthy job that you will not want to do in the rain, as more debris collects in them whilst you do it. 

Get your shovel out

An opportunity to spend your summer afternoons digging out the weeds from your outdoor space and creating a relaxing paradise for you and your family. What a great time of year to tidy up the garden to your liking. If you want to have an enjoyable space to spend time with your friends or family, you could get creative by building an outdoor kitchen and dining space. This will allow you to extend your living space to the exterior of the house right up until the weather gets cold again, even longer with the right set up!

Give the kitchen a facelift

If you go ahead with your outdoor kitchen idea, then it will make it even easier to take the summer as your opportunity to finally give your old kitchen a new look. To redecorate the kitchen in the winter is a great feat since so much time is spent cooking indoors, summer is another story though. Once the sun is out consistently, the barbeques and outdoor cooking gear can come into use. Cold meals are also much preferable and little prep is needed. You’ve probably been getting twitchy over that wonky scuffed up cupboard door, and scaly tap all year long. Summer is your chance to sort it out. Whether you just want a makeover for your kitchen’s cupboard doors and handles, or if you are looking to have a rebuild, it is a wonderful time for it. Do not forget that a new kitchen also means a chance to shop for new appliances to match, always a fun activity for anyone with a love of design or cooking. All the big brands can easily be purchased online with kitchen specialists like cook shop Hitchin, maybe you want that signature Smeg toaster or matching coffee and tea cannisters, this is your chance!

Whilst it is tempting to spend the entire summer partying, tanning and relaxing, getting some of the above suggestions checked off will certainly help you out later in the year!


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