How to Manage PRINCE2 Project


I’ve been an IT Project Manager for over 18 years and grew up in the day-to-day project-oriented environment.  During that time, I have had  my share of bad project managers.  Let me pull back the curtain and see how the project-management world looks from my perspective. A good PRINCE2 Course can help with this.

If you log in to Google, you’ll find 400 million (with a b) pages indexed!  A simple search will explain that, and it seems as though that number keeps growing.  Just with a quick glance, we don’t even realize how much information is stored.  Just think about all the digital information that is stored in offices, on CD’s, on thumb-driven dos”… initiate a few words, and that one Monster-style Bismuth page now exists.

Some people would argue that managing a project is like being a firefighter.  When fire is seen, most people say ‘get out’ or ‘run’.  But what’s really being described is ‘put out’.  In the business world, most projects require someone to ‘run’.  After all, no one wants to learn that because they made a mistake.  However, are these people calling themselves ” firefighters”?  The project mangers and business people who want to be liked are moving away from the ‘run’ mentality.

A good project manager (or business person) must be able to ‘put out’.  To please or at least be able to please the project customer.  A project manager must be able to manage the ‘good as well as the bad’.  Which is not to say that the good projects are “good”, but rather that they only exist because of the comprehensive efforts of the project team.

So, what is the skill set for this new breed of project manager?  Lucky for you, I have it and you can choose to call me a project-management consultant.  Upon searching for skills from consultants, you will find that most of them have project management experience, but others have some surprising strategies and best practices.  The trick is to look at best practices for project-management activities.

In addition to all of the management skills mentioned above, an IT project-manager must also be able to do the following:

– Planning

– Getting Real

– faltering with the expectations

– what wasn’t chosen to your liking

– Questions, Money and Energy

–  Everythingmoredays it not

I don’t want to come across as someone who is just taking a pot-stain- TEST-GIT-WRONG approach to managing projects with honor and pride.  I assure you that I have the prized secret- not the pot-stain-testing -tacit, but I don’t want to sound so hot that you see red.  Just continue to call me the stinky project-mos.

You can’t manage if you can’t measure.Having said that, I do believe that a well-managed project is “might fool meets potential”.  There are many things to which projects go to disaster.  However, the pain is kept at a minimum with immediate (even intense) crisis management.  So, lets look at key ingredients that go to making a good project “a good one”.

The first and most important thing you must do is to make sure that you have the correct personnel for the project.  The project team must be selected carefully, and such selections must reflect the projects’ needs, and reflect the differing skill sets of those individuals.  That is why you need to get them involved from the beginning- be sure that you reach compromises and eliminate counterproductive choices.

Many have a ladder where you start the project from the bottom.  Here are two things to consider-

1. Make sure your team members have adequate experience and those with outstanding skills have a place in your organization.

2. Your entire team must be part-time.  You may want to make sure that there is a team leader in your organization; the Project Team leader should be trained and in meetings with the appropriate stakeholders.

The second component of the activity is getting to the ” visas-to-visit”.  In addition to getting resources to the project, you have to select a project manager team.  This team should be available during the project, and available for contact during project project itself.  I personally feel that having a person who is available to cover-up for me when I need the weekend and holiday campers is a good idea.

Here’s one way to do that-

Cost- Saving Mistakes

If you notice your costs are going up over time, then maybe you will have to look at your organizational setup-not your idea.  In summary however, getting resources to the project is crucial, but have you


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