How To Plan A Week’s Worth Of Stylish Outfits

Stylish Outfits

While we all love weekends because they allow us to relax and rejuvenate for the week ahead, many people unconsciously set Sundays aside for preparing meals and creating to-do lists for the week ahead. Very rarely do we include planning outfits. 

Just like meal prepping, weekly outfit prepping will save you both energy and time while developing your style even further. On that note, this article offers super easy outfit planning tips. 

Know The Weather and Your Schedule for the Week 

To pick the best clothes for the week, try to keep tabs on where you’ll be going during the week, how the weather will fare, and your physical features. All these aspects will make your choices easier. If you can’t tick all the boxes or your plans for the week seem uncertain, overall, it helps to pick out your clothes and shoes to match the specific season to avoid any mishaps at the office. Sites like can help you access different clothes suitable for all seasons at great prices. 

Select the Pieces You’ll Want to Wear 

The next step is to choose the pieces you’ll wear throughout the week. Before doing this, it helps to have an empty clothing rack present or a clear rod within your wardrobe on which you can hang these selected clothes. When rummaging through your closet, pick out only the pieces you like to wear. No doubt, you likely have various clothing pieces you’ve worn once and keep hoping to wear (but you never do because you truly don’t like them). 

Include Emergency Outfits

If you have been a girl or boy scout, you’ll understand the term “always be prepared.” When it comes to weekly clothing planning, you need to include some clothes that serve as emergency sets. Likely, the blouse you planned to wear on Tuesday might not seem so beautiful when it’s time to put it on. In such instances, your emergency sets offer you another great option to wear. 

Sometimes, you might have an unplanned meeting or business lunch added to your schedule, which will require you to change an outfit. Your emergency stash is always ready for anything thrown at you. 

Iron Out the Kinks 

This last point isn’t the most exciting for many of us, but it’s highly required if you want to look professional. It would be best to iron out all the kinks in the clothes. Wrinkles in clothes are major distractions to you, and for anyone you come into contact with, ironing them out keeps you looking in tip-top shops all day. 

All in all, building outfits for the week is easy once you’ve mastered the basics. First, study your schedule and any weather changes likely to occur, then create space within your wardrobe to accommodate the clothes you’re about to pick. Start your pairing with one major clothing piece before adding other elements to make it a complete set. Doing this consistently helps you create a specific style unique to you and enables you to have stress-free mornings throughout the week.  


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