How to Prepare for Your First Day in a New Job

New Job

The first day in a new job can often be a daunting prospect. The anticipation of a new role and working for a different company can bring both excitement and apprehension to the forefront of our minds. Meeting new people and collaborating closely with your new colleagues can often be something to relish and feel a little anxious about. It is a fact that most people will undertake an average of 12 jobs in their lifetimes, although as we get older, we tend to change jobs less often. Regardless of your career circumstances, there are some key points that you should adhere to for your first day at any new job. These will ensure that you project the right image and fit in with the new organization quickly. 

Prepare the Night Before

A key part of making the right first impression in your new job is to prepare everything the night before you start work. Start by deciding on what clothes you will be wearing the next day and lay them out ready, so you are not rushing to choose an outfit in the morning. In addition, it is wise to ensure that you get an early night and start work feeling well-rested and refreshed. You are likely to be quite nervous on your first day and coming into work tired, through inadequate sleep, is guaranteed to make you feel more anxious and not look at your best. Finally, set your alarm clock for a little earlier than you would think is required. Having enough time to get ready without rushing is key and this, in turn, will allow you to feel more relaxed and confident about the day ahead. 

Look Smart

It is a fact that first impressions do count in the world of work. Therefore, your clothes and footwear must look suitably smart and business-like. For men, a freshly ironed shirt with suitable tie and smart trousers will ensure that you look professional. Remember that your shoes should also look perfectly clean and shiny. Use a superior quality shoe polish, such as saphir shoe polish, that will give your leather shoes the perfect finish and create the perfect touch for your business outfit. Women should opt for a smart blouse and skirt combo or a suitably business-like dress. Make sure that the clothes you select are comfortable to wear all day, so you can concentrate fully on your new tasks.

Get to Work Early 

There are many reasons why it is important to be punctual at work. A key reason is that it projects the fact that you have the right attitude towards your job and are dedicated to it. It is even more important that on your first day at a new job, you should be ideally a little early than your start time. This will demonstrate that you are enthusiastic about your new role and allows time for your employer to give you a tour of the building or introduce you to some key co-workers. In the working world, actions speak louder than words and demonstrating punctuality is a key way of making the right impression with your new organization.


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