How to Tell the Difference Between a Simple Toothache and a Dental Emergency?

Dental Emergency

The beautiful province of Ontario, which many residents of Hamilton call home, offers 8,912 registered dentists. The city of Hamilton recognizes the importance of emergency dental treatment. In 2012, Hamilton introduced the Dental Health Bus to cater to dental emergencies of the underprivileged. Not just the government but even private dentists recognize and cater to dental emergencies. If you reside in the city, you must always have access to an emergency dentist in hamilton

It is essential to know that not all dental emergencies may present to you in an obvious manner. Many residents of Hamilton say they cannot distinguish between a simple toothache and a toothache that needs immediate attention. This post will take you through the tell signs of certain toothaches that may be a dental emergency.

Chronic Toothache and Discomfort:

Typically toothaches last a day or two, but if you’re experiencing persistent or increasing discomfort and pain in your teeth that won’t disappear, it’s time to have your teeth examined immediately. Untreated cavities and diseased teeth are the two most common causes of prolonged pain.

Toothache Emergencies: 

Cavities erode the hard coating materials of your teeth, the dentin, and the enamel. You begin to feel distressed and in pain while consuming food or drinking fluids as these layers begin to degrade. When you eat extremely sweet foods, these sensations become more intense. The longer you wait to address a cavity, the more harm it does to your general oral health.

A cavity left untreated might also lead to a dental abscess. You begin to experience significant pain and suffering as the cavity targets the roots of your damaged tooth. Tooth hypersensitivity and gum inflammation near the affected area can occur as the infection worsens. It’s ideal to avoid reaching this stage, but unfortunately, if you find yourself in this precarious situation, immediately contact your emergency dentist in hamilton.

Other Dental Emergency Cases:

  • Dental Trauma: Other diseases that may necessitate emergency dental care and untreated cavities are worth considering. If you’ve had severe dental trauma, such as an injury to the face, a shattered tooth, or a severe trip and fall, you may require emergency dental care right away. This sort of oral damage can create pain similar to a toothache, although it is ultimately caused by several shattered teeth or damage to the jaw bone and surrounding structures.
  • Broken Braces: Orthodontic components like braces might break or fall out, causing trauma inside the mouth. If the broken braces are causing bleeding, severe pain, hindering your ability to speak or eat, or are prone to cause harm or a choking danger if not fixed right away, you should rush to your emergency dentist.

Why Must You Seek Emergency Dental Care?

When it pertains to recurrent toothaches and broken orthodontic fixtures, ignoring them can only worsen in the long run. Cavities and gum problems left unaddressed can lead to more serious issues such as gingivitis, which can harm your oral and general health. You can get the immediate treatment you need with the expertise of a qualified dental emergency oral surgeon.


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