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Cars and car tires can be a fun activity, a great sport, a competitive sport or a means of transportation. Once you learn the correct style and how to jump and stop, you will be out of trouble in a short time. Read on to learn the basics of shirts or straight lines, and tips on how to take your skills to the next level.

1- Learning basics

Put on ski equipment. The only gear you really need for skiing are two fitted shirts. You can buy a companion in a sports store or rent a companion at any skating rink. The size of skate shoes is usually the same as that of ordinary shoes. In addition to pushing shoes, you may also need to pay attention to the following:

  • A hat/helmet. From now on, wearing a hat can help you feel more comfortable. Everyone needs to prepare some helmet can protect your head from injury.
  • Knees and wrists. When learning to ski, your hands and knees are more likely to touch the ground several times. If you are worried about scratching, keep your knees and wrist guards.


Take the right position. Spread your legs, bend your knees, and sit down. Keep your back against the floor and lean forward a bit, soft and delicate. In skating, balance is the key, and this style prevents you from bending.

  • When you first hit the road, you may feel that your shoes are out of control, and you may lose your balance and fall down several times before you can stand comfortably. This is completely normal. Repeat the exercises until you understand
  • It is still difficult to go smoothly on two wheels. Whenever you feel frustrated, train yourself to continuously improve your position by moving your shoes slightly to help you maintain your balance. Think of it this way: if you are in a shirtless position and someone just pushes you, you will bend your legs to restore balance. The same idea applies when you use shoes; only the pressure on the wheels and muscles on the shoes will give you “push”.

3-Walk like a duck

Straighten your heels and sharp your toes. Start walking slowly.Continue to sit up straight, with your feet straight under your body, so you can easily maintain your balance. For that you must have roller skates with lights in wheels so that you can enjoy more.

  • Exercise until you can comfortably “walk” on the wheels while maintaining your balance. You will fall several times at first. Stand up, remember to put your body on your heels and sit up.
  • Once you have confidence, you can start to act faster and take longer steps. Press firmly on the wheel to continue the rotation at each step.

4- Learn how to fly.

Slow down every step you take by allowing yourself to flip in a short amount of time. Push one leg, then follow the other leg until you accelerate, then place your foot on the ice. When swinging one leg, the other leg is on the floor, so it will not interfere with your movement.

  • Turn right and left when practicing flying. When turning to the right, the body leans slightly to the right. When turning left, the body always leans to the left, always in a sitting position.
  • Hurry up and apply pressure to the wheels and move forward to quickly move your legs up and down. Practice using your weight to help you rely on your feet to speed up. Bend your elbows with your hands and move back and forth like running to help you maintain balance and speed up.

5-Stop exercise

Your right toe shoe should have a brake on the toe. To stop playback, jump to the screen next to each other. Leave some place to sit in front. Siidhaqga’s correct position, Skatetka is a little bit in the front left, lift up the right toe of the shirt and push the suulashad hard. When you find it difficult to push, you will quickly stop.

  • The important thing is to stand up with confidence, not to apply the brakes unwaveringly. If you do not apply the brakes, you may lose your balance and fall.
  • If you find it difficult to apply enough pressure first, try to clean your right knee with your hands to help you build enough strength to stand up.

Section Two

Special loss attempt

1- Know how to drive back

As you move forward, your feet push yourself in a “v” shape, which puts pressure on your heels. To push back, then lower your feet into a “V” shape, this time keeping your toes together and keeping your heels apart. Keep sitting, press your right toe with your other foot, then lower your left leg, then press your left toe with your right foot.

  • Since you can’t see your back, you have to look back from time to time.
  • Avoid bending backwards, as this is a common cause of people falling.
  • It requires training, but eventually you will be able to go backwards. Extend the stroke of the skates and practice for an average period of time before putting down another pair of skates. Continue to squeeze the weight of your toes to form a “V” shape.

2- High heels

Using this technique, you can align the shoe and sole with the toe of the other foot. Make some springs to increase the speed, and then use Snow’s thumb to lift the foot firmly so that one end is standing and the other foot is close to the back of the monitor. Step on the heel to stand on the heel of one skate and the other toe.

3- Perform a reversal

Start flying and become stronger. When you are ready to turn, step on the other side and use it to push in a new direction. For example, if you turn to the left, use your left skate to cross the right wheel, turn your body to the left, and then push the left to the left. Turn the shoulder to walk, turn to help maintain balance.

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