Know the Worth of Your Claim and Never Settle for Less

Never Settle

A car accident will destroy various things and cause injuries and damages. If you have suffered big losses in a car accident, you must file a claim so that your injuries and damages can be looked after. Filing a claim is not as easy as it may seem. It is important to evaluate your losses so that the right amount can be negotiated. To do so, it is suggested to get in touch with an injury lawyer in Sacramento who can assess your case and calculate the amount. Below mentioned are a few factors that decide the worth of your claim:

Damages to your car

You will include the details of the damages that have happened to your car due to the car accident. The insurance company will also evaluate the amount based on the damages to your vehicle. In the claim, the evaluation from the company will be included. Moreover, if the car has completely been damaged, you will have to seek the replacement of the vehicle. 

Medical expenses and hospital charges

Most part of your claim will include the medical expenses that you may have spent due to the car accident. It includes the hospital admission charges, medical bills to get tests done, doctor’s fees, and money spent on buying medicines. The victim may have to continue the treatment for several weeks and months. The claim will also include future medical expenses such as medicines and doctor’s visits. The charges for physical therapy and pain management treatment are also included in the claim.

Loss of wages and bonus

The claim also includes the loss of income and capacity to earn due to the car accident. If the victim has also lost his benefits such as bonuses, he can include them in the claim. The loss of livelihood can be calculated with the help of an attorney because it may be difficult to do so.

Pain and suffering to the victim 

A qualified attorney will be able to evaluate the pain and suffering. They are also referred to as non-economic damages or losses.  They are not easy to assess and need an expert’s opinions. The victim’s pain, stress, suffering, and discomfort should be compensated along with others.

If you want to file a claim, you should get in touch with a qualified attorney.  He will negotiate with the insurance company and file a personal injury lawsuit if the company refuses to pay. 


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