Making Your Warehouse More Efficient


Your warehouse is the backbone of your business. It deals with all products coming into your premises, dealing them out around your shop floor before getting all work back in, and shipping your end products out to your customers. 

In order to have a fully efficient working warehouse, you will have to give the workers in it full support to help them do their work properly, safely, and to the highest possible standards that they can.

Getting your warehouse organized

An important part of making your warehouse more efficient is to check how it is laid out and how organized it is. If your employees are being run ragged and running round and round in circles trying to get the job done, the chances are that you need to rethink either the layout of your warehouse or how you get your employees to pick any orders or deal with your goods.

Getting the right kind of software for your warehouse can help with this, along with sorting your warehouse into zones. Some software works well with scanners and barcodes, so you can have the location, quantity, supplier, and product numbers detailed on each batch. Your software will then record how many you have in stock and flag up when your stock is low, so you can reorder without running out, and your employees will know exactly where in your warehouse that product is located.

Making sure your shipping is up to scratch

Getting on top of your shipping is another area where you can make your warehouse more efficient. When you are moving a large number of items, is it generally better to use pallet shipping. This can mean savings in money for you as well as time. You can encourage this among your customers by offering them discounts on large orders that will fit pallets. By shipping in pallet loads, you are reducing your product’s carbon footprint, as well as making shipping easier for your business.

Another area within your shipping department that you may wish to look at is your packaging. If you buy cheap packaging materials, you may find that your employees have to use more to get the job done, in this it is then taking them longer to complete and so the savings you feel that you were getting are nonexistent, or it may even be costing you more than the more expensive type of packaging.

Ensuring that all your employees know what to do

It is important that all your employees know what they’re doing and the processes within the warehouse. Having employees wandering around not having a clue can cost your business time and money. Investing in your employees and giving them the correct amount of training could be majorly beneficial to how your warehouse runs. In doing this, it will also help your new recruits settle in and will help with retention numbers too.

For safety reasons it is a very good idea to make sure that all your employees are well trained in using all your equipment. Cutting down on the number of accidents within the workplace due to lack of knowledge is beneficial to all concerned and should be something that happens as standard. 


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