Most Popular Tourist Attractions in Mauritius


Sparkling like a gem in the southern Indian Ocean, Mauritius is an island country found east of Madagascar and south-east of Seychelles. Port Louis is the capital city and the best port of the country. Mauritius is one of the top occasion fights on the planet and also among the best outstanding night grievances. 

The astonishing enormity and brand name style of this nation will leave you entranced. There are incalculable numbers spots of attractions in Mauritius and every one of them merit visiting.  If you want to book airline ticket, you can book your flight by contact with KLM Airline Helpline Number.

Dull River Gorges National Park 

Dull River Gorges National Park is the essential public park arranged in south-western piece of Mauritius. Spread more than 6754 hectares, the diversion spin spreads around 3.5% of the incomparable land a territory of Mauritius and screens the remainder of the bits of the island’s indigenous tropical woodlands. It is acclaimed for its falls, vistas and climbing trails. It will when all is said in done be an explosive spot for all the winged animal watchers and besides perhaps the best situation to encounter Mauritius Tourism. 

Different endemic plants and creatures can be found in the redirection place including the Mauritian flying fox, Mauritius kestrel, pink pigeon, Mauritius parakeet, cuckoo-shrike, Mauritius bulbul, and so forth. It supports around 311 uncommon kinds of plants out of the 700 of the Mauritian Islands. The Black River Gorges National Park is the best ensured about woods territory of Mauritius, giving more than 50 km of climbing trails. 

Superb Bay/Grand Baie 

Superb Bay or Grand Baie is a coastline town and a tremendous explorer sea shore in Riviere du Rempart zone of Mauritius. Once called De Bogt Zonder Eyndt (Bay without End) by the Dutch in the seventeenth century, the retreat town of Grand Bay is remarkable for its enchanting nature of emerald waters and is the most famous occasion objective in Mauritius. 

It offers work environments for safe swimming, cruising, windsurfing and water skiing. It is the flight point for far away ocean fishing trips and for pontoon outings to the islands toward the north of Mauritius like Gunners’ Quoin, Flat Island, Round Island, and Serpent Island. This is besides an exceptional spot to find the amazing brought down marine presence of Mauritius with brought down ocean walk, submarine excursion and the brought down bike. Incredible Bay and its natural factors likewise offer a tremendous decision of plan and workmanship shops. It is in like way standard for its waterway see Mauritius inns and bistros. It is besides insinuated for its night-life as it has by a long shot the majority of the island best bars and night-clubs. 

Mauritius Botanical Garden 

The Botanical Garden, officially known as Sir Seewoosagur Botanical Garden, is orchestrated in the area of Port-Louis in the domain of Pamplemousse. After London’s Kew Gardens the SSR Gardens is one of the world’s best capable flowerbeds what’s more one of the most visited attractions in Mauritius. The nursery was from the beginning opened as a private nursery by the French managerial head of Mauritius directly around 300 years back, later it changed into the public nursery of Mauritius. 

The nursery stretches out over unfathomable zones of spot where there is land. It is populated with in excess of 650 assortments of plants among which the popular ones are Baobabs, Palmier Bouteille, Giant Water Lilies, various supportive plants, a massive flavor nursery and some more. 

Chamarel Falls and Seven Colored Earths 

Chamarel is a little town on the west shoreline of Mauritius, close to Tamarin and Le Morne. Notwithstanding, Chamarel is better known for Colored Earths and Chamarel Falls. The seven conditioned earth is a brand name wonder and a detectable spots to visit in Mauritius. The colors advanced through distinction in basaltic magma to earth minerals. It is said that on the off chance that you join the shades, they will isolate disconnected. 

One moreover enchanting spot to see at Chamarel is the Chamarel Falls on the St. Denis River. There are three explicit floods of water plunging down from a tallness of 272 feet into a crevasse. Many consider this is the most stunning course of Mauritius. Seeing this basic course against the lovely woodland region and mountains is genuinely amazing.

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Ile aux Cerfs Island 

Ile aux Cerfs Island, regardless called Deer Island is a stunning island close to the east shore of Mauritius in the Flacq region. This Mauritius Island is wandering capriciously over an area of 100 hectares. The island has an undulating a zone and brand name vegetation and is spotted with outcrops of volcanic stone, little lakes and awe inspiring white sandy coastlines. 

It is standard for the sandy sea shores, faultless tidal pond and different exercises. Considered as water sports heaven, Ile aux Cerfs Island offers particular water sports like swimming, swimming, water skiing, glass base vessels and the sky is the limit starting there. The coral reef is perfect and stacked with marine life, and close by the tremendous faint shakes that adventure into the water, it is an ideal spot to swim and to esteem the rich brought down world. It in like way has coffee shops, and a five stars lodging with a fairway. The island has the inconceivably famous Bernard Langer 18-opening title green regulated by Le Touessrok staying. 


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