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Project Management

 Every project, no matter how large or small needs to have a master plan if success is to be assured.  Analyzing the individuals and roles involved, as well as the environment in which the projects are to be completed are all great starters to creating a great organization.  It is the ideal tool to assure that every individual is fully delegated with the responsibility of their assigned duties.  Project management is a set of processes used to ensure that the best is obtained out of each project. As outlined on a prince2 Course London qualification.

A project management plan refers to the determination of the steps and actions that the project will need to go through.  These are in turn are used as the guidelines by the project team for designing a world class end product.  The plan often consists of four things:  objectives, timelines, resources, and personnel.  These elements form the backbone of project management.

Project objectives are the goals that the organization hopes to achieve.  Objectives may represent the ultimate goals of the organization, or they can be applied to projects to guide and inform the progression or momentum of completion.  Their achievement defined should be well in proportion to the project’s goals.  As stated before, projects may be initiated or initiated to improve quality, decrease costs, or transform capabilities.  Besides these outcomes, objectives should meet the corporation’s values, vision, or mission.

The time that each project must be completed in is also a crucial element in project management and drives the timelines.  Most organizations are somewhat proactive and the result is the lack of sufficient staffing or time to finish a project.  When an estimate is given, the stipulated time schedule is set, and then the organization must adhere to them or risk declared to its stakeholders.  This leads to approximately corrections in timeline and can be avoided by following the correct timelines.

Resources are equally important for project management as the objectives are, so planning a money budget as well as other factors required to make the project run smoothly.  With this, the organization can allocate appropriate staffing to an appropriate work load.  These cost can include acquiring the project management tools and materials for the project, as well as professionalism and time spent on the grounds management.

Working personnel with the proper skills and experience can be utilized for the project if they have been assigned to the project.  The challenge lies in the will and determination of the organization to transition from their existing state and personnel may be disappointed.

Trained and knowledgeable staff can also make a huge impact on the organization’s full utilization of the project management plan.  In order to set off the company’s objectives, it is imperative that current staff be aware of the plans for the future and that they have the ability to alter the future as a whole.  There is a lot of room for any organization to do so and in doing so, the corporation will be establishing a large precedent of utilizing team-working as a cornerstone of the company’s success.

After the planning phase has dried up and the execution phase has begun, project management plans have made the complete vase of delivering improvement plan.  Plans are always implemented in an orderly process and the organization should establish the final and final stage in that process.  The proper methods must be put into place in order to meet the expectations the organization has for successful project completion.


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