Real Estate Video Marketing: Tips and Tricks To Create Highly Engaging Content


Have you been searching for the best real estate video maker online? Are you eager to up your real estate game with video marketing? It is no secret that competition is getting more fierce in the world of real estate. Given the rising competition, executing a solid real estate video marketing plan is the key to selling properties faster. 

Since visual content is much easier to remember, you can leave a lasting impression on the minds of prospective buyers with high quality real estate videos. The coolest part is that you can produce jaw-dropping real estate videos without possessing any technical expertise. 

Thanks to digital advancements, you can easily find a video maker online that best suits your requirements. However, making awesome real estate videos is only half the job: You also need to effectively promote your content across social media sites for maximum reach. A feature-packed real estate video maker like InVideo can supercharge your marketing journey with its grand selection of stock media files and 5000+ templates. If you want to incorporate videos into your marketing strategy, this real estate video marketing guide will definitely prove useful.

Today, we will throw light on the various real estate video types to help you kickstart your marketing plan. Before proceeding further, take a look at these pointers that briefly explain why video marketing is vital for real estate agents.

  • Videos showcase the true essence of the house: Videos are by far the best medium to showcase a property to customers. Unlike still photos that offer a limited view, videos can perfectly capture the essence of a house. With real estate videos, you can show how the hall, kitchen and other spaces in the house connect. 
  • Better responses: We live in an age where people are increasingly consuming video content and the credit goes to the easy availability of the internet. While text and image-based property ads are bound to receive inquiries, they are still not as persuasive as video content. Real estate videos can fetch you better responses from prospects thanks to the widespread appeal of visual content.
  • Higher number of shares: Now that a large number of people start their property search online, real estate videos are in high demand. Since social media platforms have made sharing content easier than ever, real estate videos circulate extensively on the internet. Videos that are well-edited with a real estate video maker are likely to generate much more shares than any other form of content.

Quick Tips To Create Highly Engaging Real Estate Videos

  • Keep your real estate videos short and crisp to ensure maximum viewer engagement. A video that lasts longer than 3 minutes might bore your audience. Leverage a video maker to trim your clips professionally.
  • Optimize your videos for search engine optimization so that they rank on top of search results. Include high-traffic keywords in the meta tags, titles and descriptions of your videos to get the best results.
  • Don’t forget to add relevant and encouraging CTAs to your real estate marketing videos. Intelligently crafted CTAs prompt viewers to take the steps required to move to the next stage of the real estate sales funnel. You can easily add CTAs to your clips with a video maker online.

3 Major Types Of Real Estate Videos

Here are the 3 major types of real estate videos that can quickly get potential buyers interested in your properties.

1. Virtual home tours

Given the devastating impact of Covid waves, people have become wary of stepping out of their houses. As a result, the reliance on virtual property tours has increased manifold in recent times. Digital home tours can save people the hassle of traveling miles for exploring properties. When it comes to shooting virtual property tours, you must use a high-definition camera to capture the minutest details of the house and its interiors. Consider shooting home tour videos at a time of the day when the rooms are properly lit.

The good news is that you can fix common lighting issues with the inbuilt features of a video editing tool. Depending on your needs, you can add a voiceover or narration to talk about the interiors, dimensions of the house etc. Alternatively, you can include a cool thematic track to add that extra zing to your home tours.

2. Interview videos

Word of mouth has been the best mode of promotion in all times. You can foster credibility with your audience by capturing the reviews of your customers on camera. Reach out to customers you have dealt with before and ask them to share their positive experience of working with you. The interview should be chiefly focused on highlighting how dealing with you can make the home buying journey easier.

Let your clients do most of the talking so that the pros of your service get elaborately conveyed. Whatever your clients speak during the interview must resonate with your target audience. You must take out time from your schedule for perfecting your interview clips with a real estate video maker online. It is so because your interviews are going to serve as a testimony to your loyalty and commitment towards serving clients.

Apart from regular clients, you can also interview renowned architects, lenders and company executives who have a strong presence in the real estate industry. 

3. Neighborhood videos

A majority of people finalize their home buying decision only after carefully surveying the surrounding areas. You must shoot engaging neighborhood videos for all properties in your real estate listings. Your neighborhood videos should show off all the facets of areas close to the property. You could include footage of nearby grocery stores, playgrounds, local schools, hospitals etc., to give viewers a deep glimpse into the neighborhood. With a real estate video maker at your disposal, combining multiple clips into a single video will be a cakewalk. 


In today’s digitally advanced era, the internet has become the go-to destination for home buyers. Surprising as it may seem, 97% of property buyers rely on the internet for finding their dream home. The reason being that the internet provides buyers with a wealth of amazing options that match their budget, requirements etc. Real estate agents who are keen to close deals faster with clients must make videos an integral part of their marketing strategy.

The inclusion of video into real estate marketing is bound to spruce up your lead generation endeavors to a great extent. Well-crafted video content can attract a higher number of potential buyers and speed up real estate sales substantially. Utilization of the right technology stack can make it possible for aspiring real estate agents to reach new heights in less time.

So, make sure you use a cutting-edge real estate video maker to amp up your marketing strategy and fulfill your dream of growing a successful real estate career.


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