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Pens are excellent gifts for giving to your mentor, best friend, sibling, parents, co-workers, and other loved ones. They last long, can be used every day, and above all, can be customised as per your tastes and preferences.

So, regardless of how technology advances in the world, gifting steel pens will remain a traditional and excellent idea. However, various aspects make these custom-made pens a brilliant gift idea. Here is a list of reasons pens are a wonderful gift for the recipient.

  • Economical

Pens are so cost-effective that sometimes, you can buy a handful for under $35, and they are a lot cheaper when you buy in bulk. Of course, the actual price depends on the make, model, material, and other factors. But even so, pretty much anyone can afford a customised steel pen to give to their family or friends.

Invariably, several companies invest in custom-designed pens inscribed with their brand name, logo, and distinctive designs. So, it is a vastly effective way to raise brand awareness while providing consumers with a beneficial product.

  • Suitable for all occasions

Every occasion is an excellent time to give someone a designer pen. You can make it a Christmas gift, celebrate promotion at the workplace, or even a graduation present. Moreover, companies can give away customised steel pens with their logos or employee names to the staff on their birthdays. Alternatively, they can hand them out to employees at the end of a successful year as a means to remember the triumph. People often use custom pens when they start a new job or sign necessary contracts.

  • Timeless Factor

It may appear that giving mugs, hats, tote bags, doormats, and other functional items is a prudent decision. But it is a universally accepted practice to gift luxury steel pens as gifts to people on special occasions. That is because such pens are classy, sophisticated, and practical items. Also, the variety is endless, from classic fountain pens and grip ones to titanium pens and sterling silver models. You can also opt for eco-friendly models, which add massively to the global pen market.

  • Meaningful 

Several writers often take pen to paper to jot down their creativity in unique ways, especially when they encounter idea blocks or lack of inspiration. Even therapists recommend writing a diary to keep stress at bay. So pens are the most meaningful gifts to receive and give. Also, they can act as reminders of people and memories of past events.

How to Find the Right Pen?

Now that it is established how customised steel pens make excellent gift items, it is critical to understand what to consider to pick the best one. First, pay close attention to performance and not just the overall look. This is important if the person you are hoping to give it to will be using the pen a lot.

Next, consider the occasion to understand which model would be the best fit. For example, a fountain pen is great for a mentor, while a ballpoint one is better suited for students attempting a critical exam. Finally, consider the material and weight, choosing a light one if the recipient is small built and vice versa.

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