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I think it is interesting that the word for a marketing company is also the word for a social media marketing company. This is because social media marketing seems to have a different feel from the old-school marketing in that it is more about the conversation and sharing of information online for larger audiences than it is about selling products.

I think this also explains the difference between social media and social media marketing, which is the purposeful use of social platforms to share marketing messages and drive sales. I think a lot of people mistake social media marketing for social media. It’s not, and the distinction is important because there are companies that specialize in social media marketing, but there are also companies that offer social media as a way to increase brand awareness and drive traffic to business websites.

socius is a web and mobile marketing company that specializes in the latter. We’re working with brands to get them on social media, but we’re also working with brands to get us on social media, too. This is where we’ll share content like this to help you get a leg up on your competition.


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