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Why Incorporating Text To Pay Solutions For Your Non-Profit Could Drive Business During This Unprecedented Time

During the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses have had to face countless unprecedented challenges – but few have been hit as hard as non-profit organizations. With the combination of people falling into precarious economic uncertainty and the traditional fundraising model of in-person interaction, with people in public or knocking on their doors, being unfeasible due to the limits on face-to-face contact, some non-profit organizations have seen their donations plummet. 

The Salvation Army, for example, has seen almost a 20% drop in incoming donations during the last 12 months – with other, smaller non-profits struggling even more. And although many non-profits use email to communicate with their customers and to appeal for donations, open rates for emails can be pretty low – meaning they’re not the best avenue to rely on. 

That’s why text to pay solutions could be a viable solution for your business. With text to pay solutions, you’re able to reach your customers and potential donors at a point of contact you know they’ll see – their smartphones. With text to pay for non-profits, your customers can send payments instantly to your organization, meaning that they’re able to keep supporting the good work you do, and you’re able to keep doing that very work. 

But how does text to pay for non-profits work, and how could it benefit you beyond simple donations? Let’s take a look in this article. 

Easier, Quicker Payments For Your Customers

Through text to pay services your donors can receive and send payments directly through text messages, straight from their cell phones. Your non-profit initiates a text from your SMS Virtual Terminal which goes straight to the donor’s phone with payment information or a donation request – and they’re then able to follow simple instructions in the text to make either a one-off donation or set up a recurring one, in a matter of moments. 

For non-profits, this can mean keeping in touch with your customers in a secure, non-face-to-face environment, as well as being able to re-ignite formerly closed recurring payments or help to maneuver customers who might have paid through a different avenue (via cash, for example) to a new, recurring model through their ACH or credit card information. 

With SMS rates as high as 98%, text-based appeals for payment are will be seen by customers pretty much every time you send a text, whereas emails and clunkier systems of payment like paper invoices are far more unreliable (as well as taking longer, in the latter instance). As such, by utilizing text to pay solutions for your non-profit, you’re able to ensure that you’re able to reach customers efficiently. 

Augmented Customer Service

Text to pay for non-profits doesn’t just mean that your donors can make contributions faster: it also means that your non-profit has access to an entirely new world of customer service, allowing increased communication that will give your donors peace of mind. 

Text to pay services operate through an online SMS Virtual Terminal, which your customer service representatives can access to gain two-way communication with your customers. As such, if your donors have any issues with payment or need to get in touch with you for any reason, they’re able to text a secure text line to get in touch with your reps. Your customer service reps are then able to respond instantly using either canned responses or FAQs and using information specific to that donor. 

This not only allows quicker communication but allows your non-profit to streamline resources and labor – and, at a time where non-profits are struggling and revenue might be lower, freeing up valuable customer service hours that were previously spent on the phone to customers could help increase your margins. 

Also, being able to communicate with your customers via their smartphones allows you to communicate information to them directly regarding any recurring subscriptions, and you can even get in touch with former donors to prompt a re-arranging of donations and ignite a brand new subscription. Reminding your donors of the great work you do is never a bad thing, and with text to pay you can do it directly. 

Further Benefits

With text to pay for non-profits, there are a host of further benefits that can be gained from text-based communication that goes beyond mere texts about payment. For example, you can send your customers texts advising them of how their valuable donations are being spent, putting their minds at ease that their money’s being put to good use. It’s a personal way of communicating that’ll help your donors keep your non-profit in their hearts. 

You’re also able to drive any campaigns or promotional efforts directly from your SMS Virtual Terminal straight to your customers’ phones. Say, for example, that you were working towards a specific target for fundraising. You could program a series of texts asking for one-off payments and donations from donors, to drive income. Donors are far more likely to consider sending over a little extra change if they’re getting the message straight to their phones rather than reading it in passing in an email – and integrating text to pay could end up taking your donations to new heights. 

The Bottom Line 

For non-profits, the COVID-19 pandemic has been a huge challenge – but by embracing new technologies and incorporating text to pay services, you’ll be able to keep things moving at a time when the people you’re serving need it the most. Furthermore, through using text to pay for non-profits, you’re able to offer personalized and specific customer service to your customers.

To discuss further avenues for payment integration with your non-profit, contact Agile Payments today. With almost two decades of pure experience in payment integration, our team knows how to help navigate your non-profit through a difficult storm. Get in touch now.


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