the continuum model of abnormality demonstrates that:


We’re all different shades of the same color. We all have our own unique personality traits, our own unique interests, and our own unique sense of self worth. We might even have the same body parts, but our minds and bodies are so different. This means that there is a continuum, a spectrum. An array of shades from light to dark, from sweet to sour, and from light to dark, it’s always changing.

There are also different shades of the same color. For example, there are black people, white people, and people with darker skin to name a few. These are not the only differences, but they are the most predominant ones, and they are the ones that I think most people can agree on.

There is a continuum that is the result of our bodies being so different, but our minds and bodies are also very close to each other. This is why we can be so different when it comes to our personalities, our talents, our aptitudes. For example, our hands and feet are very similar, as are our eyes and ears. But our emotions, our personalities, our strengths, and our weaknesses are completely different.

This is great news for those who worry about the fact that we’re all different, because our bodies are different, and they can be combined in different ways to create an even greater diversity. We can combine the characteristics of different people in a way that makes us all unique. This is why we can look identical to our face and have the same emotions and personality, but still be different. There’s a huge variety of people, all with different abilities and skills.

In fact you can combine as many people as you want into a single being, but they will be of exactly the same type. They all have the same ability to think, feel, and learn, but they are each different. The idea of creating a “continuum” of a person is great, because it allows you to combine people in different ways without having to change who they are.

If you combine different people into one unique person, then they are all really the same person. In other words, you can’t go wrong with a continuum approach. What this means is that the next time you have a question about a person’s personality, you can just ask the person in the continuum. Because when you combine people in different ways, you can create a continuum of a person.

The continuum model is a simple way to think about personality types. It doesn’t really have a name, yet it is a core part of the human mind, so it’s a pretty useful concept. We can use it to compare different people, just as you can compare different aspects of a person to one another. When you combine different aspects of a person, you can create a continuum of that person.


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