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A fantastic approach to start participating in the biggest financial market in the world is to trade forex with a trial account. To get started, all you need to do is create a demo account with such a chosen online broker. In order to choose the best forex broker for your level of experience and trading needs, you must first conduct some preliminary research on the numerous brokers that are now accessible. Along with it, Swissquote offers funds, derivatives, bonds, CFDs, stock trading, and mortgage solutions. It has more than 330,000 members who have simple access to more than 60 platforms used by worldwide stock exchanges. 

The Benefits of a Demo Forex Account

Traders can take use of the benefits of a forex demo account, commonly referred to as a practice trading account and paper trading, by understanding them. Traders Union advises beginning traders to think about the following factors:

  • Using a Forex demo account, traders can test out the brokers’ trading platforms.
  • It also provides a chance to use the trading platform by becoming familiar with its features.
  • Another advantage is that traders can observe how trading expenses affect profits.
  • In order to see the difference, traders might test new tactics or make adjustments to current ones.
  • Before implementing automatic trading solutions on real accounts, a demo account is the best option.
  • Developers test their programs and repair issues using a demo account for Forex trading.

The Disadvantages of a Forex Demo Account

Traders Union recommends prospective traders to think twice before mindlessly adopting the advice that is generally accepted, that one can learn how and where to trade in a forex demo account.

  • Trading psychology, the key characteristic that distinguishes successful traders from those who experience losses, cannot be replicated.
  • Manual trading in a demo account may produce different trading results than live trading.
  • A sample account gives the user a false impression of confidence and success.
  • The majority of traders use demo accounts, think they have learnt how to trade, make a deposit, and proceed to lose money using same strategy since trading psychology has taken over.
  • Many brokers do not let traders choose an account balance that represents their preferred deposit amount as their default. It contributes to misleading trading outcomes.

Features of Swissquote

  • Negative Balance Protection

If the company falls insolvent, Swissquote provides negative balance protection and deposit insurance of up to 8,500 GBP. The retail investor accounts opened in the European Union are the only ones eligible for the multi-asset providing of negative bank account balance protection when trading CFDs and forex spot. Clients outside the EU and business clients cannot use this function.

  • Leverage

Customers of Swissquote were limited to leveraged products with a maximum of 30:1 for forex, 24:1 for precious metals and index CFDs, 10:1 for commodities CFDs, and 5:1 for bonds. Higher leverage enables traders to increase their positions by using borrowed money. Until they are entirely sure in their investment approach, traders are strongly advised to employ low leverage.

  • Clients

Over 330,000 clients worldwide have access to more than 160 FX and CFD financial instruments through Swissquote registered brokers on world-class trading and investment platforms.

  • Customer Support

The Swissquote customer care team is available Monday through Friday from 8 AM to 8 PM, five days a week (UK time). On a variety of subjects, such as how to access platform APIs or recover forgotten passwords, the support team is attentive and provides high-quality service with efficient answers. Customers have a variety of ways to get in touch with the support staff, including live chat, phone, email, and visiting their office in the UK.

  • Awards

Swissquote has received a number of honors, such as the Thomson Reuters Lipper Fund Award 2016, which named the business as one of the top-performing equities funds during a three-year period. 

  • Regulations

According to Swissquote’s examination and our own investigation, we can state that the platform is permitted and subject to financial regulation in the UK by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), with reference number 562170. Swissquote offers deposit protection of up to 8500 GBP coupled with negative balance protection, like the majority of the finest forex brokers. A number of branches of Swissquote MEA Ltd provide institutional and retail clients with a variety of financial services from offices based in several locations.


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