Things to Know About Video Monetization and How to Make Money Watching Videos

Video Monetization

Videos are widely popular among different groups of people. Even those interested in watching videos will likely watch one on social media apps at least once a day. Watching videos entertains people, educates them, and gives them information about new things. 

According to reports, the global digital video market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 41.1 percent from 2020 to 2027. 

Companies invest in different video advertisement formats to generate sales and profits. Visitors who watch videos are actively interested in what they see. They, therefore, watch the majority of videos to completion and watch others as well.

The following article will explain how to make money by watching videos and the idea video monetization companies like Wintub currently use.

1) Check For Video Advertisements

Companies want to profit from their ads, and they pay you for the time spent watching the ads. Most companies interested in making money by having their ads watched would want to use the advertisements for products or services they offer.

Video advertisements are used on some social media sites and their apps. These ads promote mobile phones, gaming consoles, and other products. Some promotions are for video games, while others are for movies. Content creators can even request videos about specific products to be watched. Visitors who watch the ads are rewarded with money or tokens redeemed for cash.

2) Participate in Survey Videos

All organizations want to know how customers feel about their products, and they pay for feedback. Visitors are, therefore, paid to give opinions about the products being advertised. The surveys are carried out by the company offering them through video ads.

3) Get Rewarded for Watching Online Videos

Some companies pay people to watch online videos and deliver them to specific tasks. Visitors are paid for watching videos with advertisements, and they can also be rewarded for completing particular procedures within the videos. Visitors are paid for each step they take, and blue tokens indicate this on the video interface.

4) Participate in Task-Based Videos

Some companies like Wintub pay for task completion within their video advertisements. Visitors can, therefore, apply to be paid for completing particular tasks within the videos provided by these companies.

The tasks may be like watching a video and identifying all the car models included. The task is carried out within the video, and it is completed when one goes to the designated page after watching the video. As soon as this happens, visitors are paid for completing the task.

5) Get Rewarded for Watching Videos with Paid Ads on Them

Some apps offer to pay people who watch videos while simultaneously turning on their screen lock. As the screen is locked, there is no way to interact with the ads and accidentally click them. Visitors can unlock their devices and try to interact with the ads, but they risk losing the cash rewards they would have received for watching the videos.

Final Thoughts

Making money while watching videos is possible, but it requires consistent effort. The more one watches the videos with ads, the higher their chances of getting paid. Visitors can also request to be rewarded for watching videos with tasks within them, and they only need to complete the tasks as indicated by the video interface. However, ensure the authenticity of such a platform to understand how it works and the payment methods before signing in.


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