Top Charities that Accept Cryptocurrency


Accepting cryptocurrency donations is fast becoming a positive trend among nonprofits. With charities like Food for Life Global pioneering the acceptance of gifts in digital currencies from individuals and organizations willing to support their cause, numerous other charity organizations have joined the trend.

With the rapid advancement of technology in the financial sector, It’s only a matter of time before all charities start accepting cryptocurrency donations. However, if you’re willing to donate to a nonprofit, you don’t have to wait for the day when every charity organization adopts this trend.

This article will show you some of the top charities that accept cryptocurrency donations and how you can donate to support their cause.

What are Crypto Donation Platforms?

Crypto donation platform is a hub that connects charities and donors. Donors can donate bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies; the platform will distribute the donations to organizations registered with them.

Charities like Food for Life Global have a donation page on their website and work with a crypto donation platform, The Giving Block. This gesture ensures that donors have a more comprehensive range of options, making donations easier.

Which Charities Accept Cryptocurrency?

As hinted in the introduction above, not all charities accept cryptocurrency donations yet. However, there is no shortage of nonprofits that allow you to donate bitcoin to charity.

Depending on what kind of charity organization you’re looking to support, many options are available. Here are some top charities that accept cryptocurrency donations.

1. Food for Life Global

Food for Life is one of the first nonprofit organizations to start accepting donations in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. It is a food and relief organization that focuses on reducing hunger and enhancing food security by providing vegan meals worldwide. They have more than 250 affiliates in over 60 countries.

If you are looking for a worthy charity to support cryptocurrencies, Food for Life is your best bet. They have been accepting donations in digital currencies for more than ten years, and you are less likely to encounter technical difficulties during the donation process. All you have to do is visit the crypto donation page on their website, enter the required details and confirm the transaction.

You will receive a receipt as a confirmation and proof of your donation. Through The Giving Block, a crypto donation platform supported by FFL, you can donate to nonprofits like Food for Life if you can’t donate directly through their website.

2. Save the Children

Save the Children is a charity that focuses on providing fundamental children’s needs in developing countries. It is concerned about giving them what they need to live a good life, including but not limited to food, education, shelter, and security.

Save the Children accepts cryptocurrency donations through the appropriate page on its official website. They accept various cryptocurrencies, thanks to their partnership with the Giving Bag. You can make donations by visiting the donation page on their website by following outlined guides to the cryptocurrency of your choice.

3. The Water Project

The water project allows you to use your cryptocurrency in eradicating water shortages in sub-Saharan Africa. The charity will use donated funds to undertake water projects to provide as clean, safe, and reliable water to many communities as possible. You can visit their donation page to help use your crypto to save lives by providing clean water.

4. Electronic Frontier Foundation

The Electronic Frontier Foundation is a non-profit that focuses on helping people defend their civil liberties and human rights online. They accept cryptocurrency donations which you can do on their donation website, similar to most other non-profits.

5. United Way

United way was one of the first charities to start accepting cryptocurrency donations in 2014. The non-profit is a network of community-led non-profits, focusing on using gifts to fund humanitarian programs.

These are some relief organizations that accept cryptocurrency donations. Most charities that accept donations need funds to undertake numerous projects at hand, which is why the charities convert the crypto donation to fiat currency, which they use to fund countless projects.

At this point, you should already know the charity that’s most deserving of your Bitcoins. However, that information won’t be beneficial if you can’t donate to support their cause. The following section will explain the steps required to donate cryptocurrency to charity for most organizations.

How to Donate Cryptocurrency

All charities that accept donations in cryptocurrency will have a crypto donation page on their website. You can visit the page and enter the worth of cryptocurrency you intend to donate to support them. 

Some charities that accept cryptocurrency donations but don’t have a donation page will most likely partner with a credible crypto donation platform that you can use to donate to support their cause. In those cases, you donate to the forum, which liquifies your money and gives the equivalent to the charity in fiat currency.


What Cryptocurrencies Can You Donate to Charity?

The type of cryptocurrency you can donate depends on the charity you’re trying to support. While some charities only accept popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, others accept various other types, including memecoins. Cryptocurrency donation platforms usually offer a more comprehensive range of donation options, unlike individual charities that only offer a few.

Why Should You Donate Cryptocurrencies?

Most charities that accept cryptocurrency donations prefer it to other forms of gifts. This bias is primarily because of its tax benefits, as organizations aren’t required to pay capital gain taxes, entitling them to the total value of your donation, even if they aren’t registered nonprofits.

You can donate crypto to nonprofits anonymously, and the transaction costs are lesser than using debit or credit cards. Summarily, the crypto donation process is easy both for the donor and the recipient.


Donating cryptocurrency is one of the most stress-free methods of donating to charity if you know the process involved. Those processes aren’t all that complicated either, as you only need the fundamental knowledge of how cryptocurrency transfers work. We’ve compiled charities that accept cryptocurrency lists if you want ideas of the charities worthy of your assistance.

When donating cryptocurrency to a nonprofit, you should exercise extra care to avoid making mistakes. Funds lost to crypto transactions are unrecoverable, necessitating checking twice to see if you input the correct amount. Other than that, there aren’t any disadvantages to donating cryptocurrency to charity.


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