tow truck business cards

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When I was in high school, I wrote some business cards for my college dorm which included a picture of a tow truck, and some information about my college. Since then, I have had dozens of business cards printed and used them throughout my career. They are always well-designed and printed on high quality paper. I’ve actually received a few e-mails that have come in from people thanking me for my cards.

In the early days, it would probably seem like a silly thing to mail out business cards like this, but when you take into account the time and money it takes to print and mail off a batch of these, it is just one of those things that seems to go without saying.

For example, last week during a road trip I received a bunch of business cards for a tow truck company that I was going to meet at. When I got home, I was surprised to find that there were two more companies that I was meeting with. I was not disappointed that those two companies were not on my business cards. I was pleasantly surprised that they were both on my phone, and that they had also been on my list of places to stop by.

It seems like all you really need to be a business owner in the real world is a business card. Now, I’m not saying that you have to have them printed up and hand out at every meeting. However, if they are well-designed, and if you’re going to take your time and really get a feel for the company, they can be very useful.

I found that the business cards made by tow truck companies were usually too small to actually hold anything interesting. However, the ones by Starlight Tours were really nice, with a large font and lots of photos. We always use them when we visit Starlight Tours, which is what makes them a great choice for any business.

This one really stands out for me. It reminded me of a company that I used to work for. One of the other guys in the office, who was always very quiet, got me a large business card with a card-case-shaped plastic sign. It was huge and bold, and the cards it held were really nice. They were always the kind of cards that I’d save, just so I could show them off when we had meetings and stuff.

The reason I mention this is because Starlight Tours is one of those companies that is very small, so you can see pretty much every employee and worker for the company on the cards.

My last job at Starlight Tours was during the time that they were expanding into a towing business, and I was in charge of the office and card-paging, so I actually spent a lot of time on their card systems. I’d like to think that I helped out, but what I mostly did was help out in other departments.

I remember one of the first things I noticed when I first got the job wasn’t the cards, but the fact that the cards were all on one card. All those employees who worked at Starlight Tours and had a card were given a different name and a different position (or two) on the card. That was the whole idea, they were all on the same card, and that wasn’t just for the sake of the employees.

This is a great reminder to never, ever use your name as a business card, especially in business. It’s a silly idea. I have to admit its fun to go through a company’s card system and see all the different positions and titles they had. But it’s pretty obvious where you started out as a manager, and that’s not necessarily the best position to be.


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