valuemyweb technology


Valuemyweb is a site run by a husband and wife team that offers a lot of free online services for anyone to use for free. I think most people are pretty familiar with it since it is the site that gave me my first taste of the site, but the new site is much more complete and offers a lot more features.

The new site also allows for more than just free access. For example, if you are a developer and you use a site like WordPress to create an website, you will be able to have a free domain, with the option to use it for free or for a small fee. This is a very attractive feature for anybody that wants to create their own website, especially if the site has a lot of users and they want to charge each user a small fee to use their service.

Valuemyweb is not only a great site for WordPress users, but also for developers. It has a ton of useful features and even allows you to create your own site. Just be sure you have the permission to do so.


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