Ways to Improve your data security

data security

Did you know? The average cost of a data breach is $3.86 million, and it usually takes an average time of 208 days to identify the breach. This record is as of 2020. And in just 7 years, a security breach has increased by 67%! It is alarming to see the number of data being hacked and compromised every single day. 

Due to the pandemic, the world has gone virtual, the security threat has increased for all the companies across the globe. It includes all the large and medium as well as small companies. With the continuation of the pandemic crisis in 2021, people in many countries have limited themselves to working from home rather than going to the physical office. 

Because of all these factors, it has become more crucial than ever for companies to upscale their data security. Here are some of the ways you can use it to secure the data.

Integrity creation amongst employees

The employees should know about the information they are handling. You need to educate them of the risks that happen if there is a breach in security. When the employees learn about the data security and its breach regularly would become more aware and alert the concerns to the higher authorities immediately. Imbibing it as a work culture would help you ensure the employees refusing to take any shortcuts or restraining to fulfill any responsibilities. 

You don’t have to be rude or strict while letting them know about the data security and its consequences of any breach. Keep it simple and fun to make them concede it efficiently. However, let them know about the dire consequences if there has been any misuse or abuse.

Quality control 

Just letting your employees know about the risks and concerns is not enough. You also need to keep a tab on them and check their actions on a regular basis. Quality control requires a team of skilled people and a process in verifying the legibility of employees and monitoring their actions. 

This team needs to secure that every employee is working by the data governance policies laid down by the company as well as the government. It also includes that the security systems in employees’ computers are updated and monitored in equal intervals.

Develop a process map and create an audit

How is the data created, accumulated, stored, and processed? How is it handled and managed? There are a lot of questions and concerns when it comes to data. While concerning its security is another aspect altogether. The team first needs to create a process of data management from beginning to end. It formulates an understanding of what happens to the data through different stages of its life cycle.

Once a process is mapped, regular auditing needs to be done. It will warrant that the process is put in place and people are following it. It will also minimize the security risks. Auditing supports in reassuring regulatory compliance.

Check the computers and detect the errors

Any given multi-national company follows the validation of the computers to ensure every device is following their compliance and policies. To confirm that every employee is religiously following the guidelines, you need to ensure that the systems are well mapped and designed. 

Detecting errors and how they emerged gives you a better understanding of avoiding disastrous outcomes. To keep your data secured from being compromised, consider implementing error detection software in your systems. It helps you avoid various errors and gives a clearer picture of how to protect your systems in the future.

Get in touch with a specialist

Having a specialist handling data security is much more rewarding than just installing a few software. The software will provide you the required security, but is that right for your company? Don’t you find yourself wasting a lot of money on the security updates that could have been solved easily? Here is the place where the professional comes into the picture. But how to find one?

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