What are the differences between T8 LED tube and T5 LED tube?

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LED tubes are the lamps designed in tubular shaped. These lamps are used in different type of fixtures, the size of the tubes vary according to the fixture requirement. In these days everyone knows that LED saves energy and cost, that is the main reason which makes LED lamps more popular. As LED lamps are divided on previous classification bulb and tubes, the LED tubes are further divided in other categories according to their sizes and diameter. 

Today will discuss about two (2) most common types of LED tube and will define what is the difference between those tubes according to performance and requirement. Normally it is difficult to recognize between T5 LED tube light and T8 LED tube light. But if you have a basic knowledge about these tubes you can find the difference.

Below are the major differences between these 2 tubes.

Size of Diameter:

T8 LED tubes are thicker as compare to T5 LED tubes or you can say the diameter of T5 tube is small as compare to T8 tube. The calculated diameter of T5 tube is 5/8 inch which is 16mm and diameter of T8 tube is 1 inch that is 26mm. It means the diameter of T8 tube is 10mm greater than T5 tube.

Brightness of Tube:

If you are looking for high brightness so you should select T8 tubes. As the diameter of T8 led tube is greater than T5 so the tube contains more diodes as compare to T5 LED tube. But if you need gradually low brightness so you the T5 tube is perfect match for you.

Energy Consumption:

If you are looking for more energy efficient tube so T5 is better than T8 LED tube. Although all LED tubes are energy efficient and consume less energy but as T5 is using less diodes as compare to T8 tubes light it means T5 tube needs less power to illuminate properly.

Tube Applications:

Well different type of lamps can be install at different location, let’s discuss about the application of T8 and T5 tube lights. T5 tubes are thin in size and produce less light as compare to T8 tube lights, so you can use these tube in small areas, like in kitchens as under cabinet light, in dressing areas where brighter light is not required or in small bathrooms. T8 lights need to install where the bright light is concern like Offices, super markets and other indoor and outdoor areas.

Both type of LED tubes are useful and don’t have any big drawbacks, the difference is just because of the requirement of different environment. So there is no comparison while buying LED tube that T5 is better or T8 is better. Both tubes are excellent in their own work. You need to take care about your requirement. If you would like to illuminate small area, or need to create a dull light environment or a bit dark environment T5 LED tubes are good match for you. But if you are looking for a bright light to illuminate the area properly T8 tubes are good enough. T8 LED tube lights are mostly used in general lighting.

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