What Is The Last Major Step Of Writing An Essay?

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Be it primary school, high school or college you are frequently assigned the task of essay writing from your teachers. The essay topics you have been assigned weren’t solely based on the personal interest of the students. In fact those topics assigned varies, you might have assigned the topic related to political issue once, the other time you have been asked to jot down your ideas regarding the emerging science issues and many others. 

The underlying reason for the continuous focus on essay writing from the course instructors have been to strengthen the skills of the students. To inculcate in them the thirst of knowledge. To push them out of the comfort zone. To bring their fear of writing to the rest and to land them into the world of perspectives. 

Essay writing generates the incredible and profound skills of critical thinking, analytical skills. If you’d look back over the time when you were assigned the task of essay writing. Each time you’d jump on to make extreme research on the topics you were assigned. You’d back to back resort to internet or relatable books to build a comprehensive and logical essay. 

And with time this brought in you the realization about the fact that how intensely the art of essay have polished not only your critical and analytical skills but in fact has ameliorated your writing skills. 

All these facts stated, I bet each and every student would agree to it without a second thought. 

As helpful as the essay writing tasks have been for the students, we all are aware of the fact that essay writing isn’t just a piece of writing where you have to portray the verbosity. No, it definitely isn’t.

Format of Essay Writing:

Writings are of different kinds, poetry, prose, essay, thesis writing or various other. Whether you are writing yourself or seeking a professional thesis writer or essay writer. Whatever you decide the Essay writing has a proper structure and format which is necessary to follow for a writer to stick to. If the writers stray from that particular structure or format then the writing wouldn’t draw its effectiveness as it is meant to do. 

The format of essay writing starts from the outline in which a writer has to write all the relatable points he or she is going to discuss in the essay in a concise way, i.e. pointers. When done stating the pointers the writer then proceed to initiate his essay writing by introducing the topic to the readers and providing the background of the topic they are meant to discuss. Introduction is where the writer states a thesis statement. The central or the core argument of the topic.
Then comes the paragraph which is referred as the body of the essay. Body of the essay is where a writer jot down the arguments that would significantly support or back their thesis statement. In the body of the paragraph the writer is supposed to divide the points and arguments in multiple paragraphs. Each paragraph is introduced with a new topic sentence. 

Then comes the crucial and the most essential steps in the essay writing which are conclusion and the act of proofreading.

Why Conclusion And Proof Reading Are Important To An Essay Writing?

The final steps of essay writing includes conclusion and proof reading. The two steps plays a pivotal role since these summarizes and make an essay which has been crafted by the writer with such a hard work and efforts error free. Gives the final touch to the essay!

Conclusion of the Essay:

Conclusion is considered the final part of an essay, taking the 10 to 15 percent of the text. The conclusion summarizes the entire essay. With providing the summary of the essay, this part of essay also focuses on discussing the outcome of the essay or suggest some probable solutions. There isn’t the inclusion of new and more arguments in the essay. 

The conclusion should leave a last impression on the readers. The writer isn’t supposed to abruptly end the topic. He has to state the final thoughts in organized and in alignment.

Proof Reading:

Proofreading scrutinizes the essay to identify and to mend the mistakes. To prepare a final draft of an essay it is essential to proof read thorough the entire essay to make sure it is grammatically free from errors.

The act of proof reading should be done in a calm peaceful zone so the writer isn’t distracted in the process. 

Final Thoughts:

Each step of an essay has its own significance and needs equal focus and attention. However, the steps including conclusion and proof reading gives the final touch to the essay and makes sure that the relentless work of the essay writers aren’t wasted and serves them best. 

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