Why Launch a Multi-service App Like Gojek for Your On-demand Business?

Multi-service App

In today’s fast-paced world, time is money. So, when one says ‘value for money,’ it is synonymous with ‘value for time.’ Availing services instantaneously is one attribute that every customer expects nowadays. Be it booking cabs or ordering pizza, or paying bills, a convenient and more efficient way has become an integral part of people’s lives. It is no exaggeration, but almost 4 billion people have access to smartphones in the world. The tiny gadget is capable of encompassing the world with its ultra-modern apps. 

Apps! What a crazy yet intuitive invention! A decade back, Uber made it possible to avail on-demand taxi services via a smartphone application. Today, Uber’s business model and smartphone application industry has grown exponentially, propelling people to have an average of 60-90 apps on their smartphones. With advancements in technology, 60-90 apps seem a pretty big number that can lead to deterioration in phone speed. 

What if a single app can provide all on-demand services under one roof? It is a possibility in today’s world, and such apps are called ‘Super’ apps. If you’re wondering what Super apps are, you would have inevitably heard about ‘Gojek’ if you are in Southeast Asia, ‘WeChat’ if you’re in Central Asia, ‘Paytm’ if you’re in South Asia. Either way, this multi-service app is transcending boundaries rapidly, and even the giants of the tech industry, Facebook, Uber, etc., are trying to transform into a Super app. 

With so much happening around the multi-service business sphere, questions will inevitably pop up – Why Super apps? Are these apps that beneficial? How can an app provide more than 50 services in it? To get a clear understanding of why launching a multi-service app like Gojek is beneficial, read further. 

Prerequisites – Make a note! 

Let’s be very clear with the fact that launching an app like Gojek is no easy feat. To enjoy enticing benefits, you need to put in the hard work of building a multi-service empire. Here is the list of prerequisites that need the utmost attention from an entrepreneur’s side. 

Study your locality 

At the end of the day, the app needn’t be world-class, it has to satisfy your local end-users. Hence, analyze what your customers expect from a multi-service app and incorporate such services that please your audience. Studying your competitors is another effective way to stay ahead of them in the long run. On the whole, make sure you are well-versed with the current market trends. 

Devise a feasible strategy 

Working extensively on your growth will indispensably involve adhering to market conditions. Identifying your KPIs and utilizing your resources to achieve them effectively propel your business towards success. 

Also, ensure that you maintain a perfect balance between supply and demand. Any disruption to the supply chain will lead to the inability to cope with the demand. Hence, formulating a feasible and sustainable strategy becomes the need of the hour. 

The Perks – Making Super apps Irresistible! 

Now comes the critical section – the perks. It is a well-known fact that a successful app will pave the way for a win-win situation for different stakeholders. Let’s see how multi-service apps are beneficial and profitable in every aspect. 

Customer Convenience 

What’s more convenient? Switching between different apps for multiple services or accessing numerous services under one place? A majority of smartphone users out there are first-time users. Pushing them to avail of different services via various apps can be quite challenging. With a Super app, customers can access 50+ services effortlessly, enabling them to gain control over numerous orders. 

Besides, they needn’t worry about phone deterioration. On the whole, a multi-service app like Gojek can be an ideal replacement for multiple apps out there. 

The Service Provider Satisfaction 

Gaining a customer base is becoming more and more tedious for a service provider nowadays. With customers spoilt for choices, a service provider needs to bring his/her ‘A’ game to lure and captivate the audience. Signing up with a multi-service app seems the perfect option for service providers of various categories because the demand goes through the ceiling on any given day. Besides, they get to boost their profits seamlessly and offer their services during flexible hours. 

The Entrepreneur’s delight 

With over 50,000 apps launched every month, only a handful are gaining the spotlight among the audience. This narrow success rate has pushed entrepreneurs to come up with lucrative strategies to ensure success. The probability of achieving success with a multi-service app is relatively high when compared with single service-specific apps. On the other hand, entrepreneurs get to maximize their profits by providing numerous services. Moreover, the entrepreneur has access to such a massive customer base, leading to enhanced app traffic and revenue. 


With on-demand apps becoming an integral part of people’s lives, exploring the online medium has become a piece of cake with the emergence of clone app solutions. All you have to do is customize the Gojek clone script as per your market conditions and launch your multi-service app right away. With so many enticing benefits, do not have second thoughts about investing in this lucrative business opportunity. 


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