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Bidu is one of those terms that is frequently used when buying or selling real estate. These days the term is used for the real estate business as a whole, but it’s especially popular as a way to negotiate more effectively. If you’re looking to get an edge on your rival, make sure you know what bidu means.

Bidu means “to try to get one’s own money” or “to try to get someone else’s money.” In real estate, it is a way of making a deal more favorable for the seller. Usually, the bidu is a bid to get someone else’s money or a bid to get someone else’s property. One common example is a high bid to get a high bid or a bid to get a higher price for some property.

I think the most common bidu in real estate is to get a better deal for someone elses property or person. This is because sellers are not always that interested in selling their property. In fact, many people don’t even want to sell their property, if they can get a better deal. This is one of the reasons why there are so many people who use bidu to negotiate when selling their property.

We see this in the bidding for houses, apartments, and other properties. This is another reason why there are so many people who use bidu. One of the more popular bidu sites is Yahoo Finance.

Bidu is a site which is basically a listing exchange for properties on the internet. It allows you to find a property or person you are looking for and get a bid. It is not a simple bidding website like yahoo finance. In fact, the bidding is a little bit weird. It has different levels, and the highest bidder gets the property or person. There are dozens of different bidu communities which are all using a different strategy.

In the bidu community the highest bidder for the property or person is usually someone you have a business relationship with. A bidu site is a great way to exchange services or goods between a few people who are interested in the same properties or person. If you have a business relationship with someone on bidu, you can get a bid for a site, or a business partnership.

In a bidu community, the highest bidder is usually someone who has a business relationship with you. There are a few variations on this, but the basic structure is pretty simple. In a bidu community, the most popular person on bidu is usually the highest bidder. This gives the higher bidder a chance to negotiate more favorable terms with you.

The only drawback to bidu is that the highest bidder is usually someone who has nothing to do with it. The person who wins the bid is usually either a personal friend or a business partner of the person who wins the bid.

Bidu is a simple game where you bid on a set number of different items from a set number of different items. You can win the bidu by winning a contest, but you also win the bidu by being the highest bidder. You can bid on more than one item at a time, but each item you bid on has to be the most popular item on the market.


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